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  • Resolved bartini


    That’s it. After last automatic updates my podcast RSS feed is an empty file. Didn’t change nothing in plugin or wordpress code. Any reason?

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  • Plugin Author Jonathan Bossenger


    Hi @shiannedierkes

    Can you confirm, are you using version 2.0.4 of the plugin?

    Can you post your feed url here, so that we can take a look.





    Yes the current version we are using is 2.0.4,

    the feed url is:

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Jonathan Bossenger


    Hi @shiannedierkes

    Thank you, that is strange, usually I would expect to see something in the feed source, but it looks like something is blocking the content entirely.

    Does your web host give you the option of a staging/testing environment. If you do have access to such an environment, are you able to clone your current site there, and disable all other plugins on the cloned site, and see if the error continues?

    The really weird thing is that I have created a staging site, and the feed link in the staging site works perfectly. I can’t figure it out because they are essentially exactly the same. I’ve cleared the cache and everything, can you think of why the feed might work in the staging environment and not the production environment? All plugins everything is the same.

    Plugin Author Jonathan Bossenger


    @shiannedierkes that is strange, but it does point to something other than the plugin.

    If it works on the staging site, but not on the live site, and everything is exactly the same, and you’ve cleared any caching, the other only reason I could think of is something specific to the live vs staging environments, in terms of hosting. It would be worthwhile to check your Site Health info and see if the same web server and PHP versions are used on both sites.

    I agree, I thought perhaps if I push my staging site to production it would fix the issue but it did not. My hosting provider is not being helpful at all so I really appreciate your responses. As far as I can see staging and production are both running on the same server and PHP. The only difference was that one the production site was using CDN, but even when i turned that off and cleared all cache etc the feed is still blank. I’m at such a loss.

    The only other difference that I can see in site health is that the staging doesnt use HTTPS, could that really be doing it? Also if so, how would I even get around that because my production definitely needs to use HTTPS

    Plugin Author Jonathan Bossenger


    @shiannedierkes the only bug I’m aware of related to secured (https) sites, is where, depending on how the secure traffic is redirected, the stylesheet attached to the podcast RSS feed causes a similar problem. But there is usually an error in the console related to that, and I’m not sure this is the case.

    In order to try and help you with this, I might need to direct you to our dedicated support channel, mostly so we can possibly look at digging into this problem for you. Could I ask you to email us at, so we can take it further there?

    I did e-mail before and I ad someone just tell me to check my theme and plugins, which isn’t the answer and I tried to explain it but still got the same type of feedback. But I can e-mail again, you have been the most helpful person I’ve talked to thus far!

    I was able to find and solve the main issue! Thank you!

Viewing 10 replies - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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