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  1. wordofmobile
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Right now my podcast episode description in itunes is the beginning of the text in my blog. It doesn't seem to be able to handle puncation such as apostraphe marks, it replaces them with something like this... &89587; which does not look very good.
    Is there a way to edit what the episode description shows? My first choice would be something other than the blog text. Thanks.
    I am using feedburner.com to submit my feed, I also posted in their forums but I'm not sure if I change the description in wordpress or over there.


  2. justvegan
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello David,

    I'm not using feedburner and yet I too am getting the ugly characters in my episode descriptions. Have you solved this issue yet?

    I'm using WordPress 2.2.2, the default theme v1.6, and no plugins. When I make a post that includes a ", &, et cetera, it looks fine in Firefox's RSS reader but looks awful in iTunes.

    Thanks in advance!


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