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  • Daniel Alvares



    The feed is working fine on any aggregator, including iTunes, but it is not working properly on Podcast Addict. The episodes do not appear.

    Let me explain.

    If I search for the podcast, the podcast appears, including the episodes:

    However if I enter inside the podcast, and click on episodes, I go to a page where the name of the website appears and the episodes do not appear:

    And if I subscribe to the podcast, what appears on subscriptions is the website name, not the podcast:

    I’m using Category Podcasting. Feed URL:

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  • Plugin Support Shawn Thorpe


    Your podcast feed has no podcasts episodes in it. You’ll need to add some episodes to it before it’ll work in most podcast-consumption apps/platforms.

    Daniel Alvares


    My podcast has 12 episodes, as you can see in the images. And I told you that the feed is working fine on any aggregator. You can see the podcast on this aggregators for example:

    iTunes –
    Pocket Casts –
    Stitcher –
    Player FM –
    Mixcloud –

    The problem is only on the Podcast Addict.

    Daniel Alvares


    Still waiting for support here.

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Hello @portuga_daniel,

    As Shawn noticed, if you go to the feed you provided in this thread in your web browser, you will see that it is empty:

    I went ahead and looked up the podcast listing on iTunes and I see it is using the same feed URL. This means that at one time the episodes were there, but today they no longer are. Be forewarned that in a week or two iTunes and other podcast directories will . I suspect that someone who has access to your blog or maybe even yourself may have removed the shows from the category after the fact. I confirmed this by going to the category feed provided by WordPress and also notice that the feed is empty:

    Lastly, going to the category’s landing page: it redirects to some other page. Perhaps the category was deleted?

    If you re-create the category with slug “cubo-geek-show” and re-add the category to the blog posts with the podcast episodes you should be able to restore the podcast feed.


    Daniel Alvares


    So… I don’t know why the feed is empty but its working. The podcast is live, none of the episodes were deleted. As you can see on iTunes a new episode was published yesterday (wednesday).

    The redirecting is on porpuse. Its how the website is organized. As you can see on the page of the category, it has articles (i.e. podcast episodes).

    I will say again. There is nothing wrong with the feed. Its delivering the episodes to the aggregators. Why it appears to be empty, I don’t know. Every aggregator works just fine, except Podcast Addict, and its why I’m asking for help.

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    I will say again as well, the feed is empty and there is something wrong with it.

    The feed is empty, here is a screen shot: URL is as seen in the screen shot. It will only be a matter of days for iTunes to show an empty listing.

    The category feed (this is blog posts plus podcast episodes together) is empty (view in Firefox or Chrome): (let me know if you need a screen shot of the source).

    Category feeds are not controlled by PowerPress, you can disable PowerPress and the category feed would continue to have blog posts in it as designed by WordPress. If your catergory feed does not work then that problem will be replicated with the PowerPress podcast only category feed.

    I queried your website with the GET query parameters to find the category feed and it does work: This tells me something is messing with your permalinks, either a theme or plugin.

    Why the permalinks for the category do not work is beyond me but I suspect what ever is redirecting the category landing page to another page is most likely the cause of the feed issues. this is not default WP behavior. It may be something you are doing to organize pages, again not something that happens in WordPress natively.

    Here are diagnostic steps: Switch your theme to a default theme and eliminate plugins one by one until you figure out what is causing your problem. Diagnostic steps in more detail:


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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