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  • Hi

    I help manage some WordPress sites, and the people I help have just recieved new logos for the header, with transparency.
    On this was not a problem, upload, save and done.

    On for some reason PNG files are not permitted…?

    I have tried installing the plugin Enhanced Media Library, but every time I allowed PNG and saved, it just reverted to not being allowed.
    I have tried, using some online guides, to modify the functions.php file for the theme, that did not work, I then tried editing the wp-config.php file to allow all uploads, that didn’t work either.

    So where did I screw up?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Disable all plugins and activate default theme(twenty twenty), and then try to upload image again, that way you can be sure if it’s a 3rd party theme/plugin conflict.

    If the above try fails, please make sure that your image size is small and try again(Some hosting puts a 2MB limit that means you can’t upload an image which has a size greater than 2MB )

    If still no luck, it’s most probably hosting related issue. You should contact your hosting provider to fix this for you.

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    Thanks for trying to help 🙂
    I have now done that, and the logo is uploaded.
    I have also tried uploading the file with the twenty twenty theme only, and then again with the plugins disabled but the correct theme. And it disabling the plugins did the trick.

    What is really funny is, that the two sites in particular I manage for this person, uses the same setup. Same plugins, same theme, same settings. When I setup the second site, I used the first site as a “template”. Meaning I went through the settings menu and plugins and ticked the same boxes.

    Both sites are hosted at the same provider.

    Any idea which plugin could cause this?:
    The following are installed:
    Exclude Pages From Menu
    Classic Editor
    MediaElement.js – HTML5 Audio and Video (did try to disable this, as this is the only extra plugin on this site, but it didn’t restore the feature)
    Memphis Documents Library
    Really Simple SSL
    Regenerate Thumbnails (by Alex Mills (Viper007Bond))

    Have you checked the server settings, via CPanel or something similar, that they allow PNGs?

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    I don’t know what CPanel is, but the provider do allow PNGs. The other site I manage for this person is hosted by the same provider, has the same plugins and theme, all is up-to-date, and the PNG logo uploaded without a fuss.

    If it works after disabling all the plugins, it could be plugin conflict. To be sure you can disable one plugin at a time and then test uploading image, and repeat this step for each plugin. That way you can find out which plugin is the culprit.

    CPanel is a commonly used administration interface to a server. It allows you easy configure database, PHP etc. settings, what you need to run a WP site. If you don’t have CPanel, what interface are you using to access the server? Have you checked the web servers’ settings, that they are identical?

    If so, do as Hossain says. You can speed up the search, but disabling half of the plugins and continue with that half, that has the issue. Repeat the process.

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    I will try disabling the plugins, and then enabling them one by one, to see what is causing this. I had hoped it would be a quicker fix. But oh well.

    The only thing I can find, is PHPMyAdmin.’s “control panel” is mostly just shortcuts to create a website, FTP access, and so forth.

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