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  • adamford


    With the latest update Version 0.14.12 SOME of my images with transparent background are showing a black or solid blue background, and when I upload any new images with transparency the transparency doesn’t render correctly.

    Honestly this is becoming very frustrating. If the plugin is going to keep breaking my website with every update I will need to revise my review downwards significantly.

    The previous update broke almost ALL my images with thumbnails not showing in backend, I spent about an hour installing a plugin to rebuild the media library which didn’t fix anything. Can the developers PLEASE make sure they test any updates on a website that has png images WITH TRANSPARENCY before taking any more versions live that are going to ruin website designs?

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  • Plugin Author



    Sorry about this. The plugin has been in emergency-maintenance-mode since it was closed due to security problems. All quality assurance procedures has been skipped. I’m leaving for a four week vacation in a couple of days and I needed to fix the security problems as quickly as possible. And I needed to be a bit rough. If I did not manage to make the security team satisfied, they would not reactivate, and none of the security fixes would be available. And of course, the plugin would remain closed for four weeks. This roughness resulted in errors in core functionality on some platforms, which I have been fixing like a maniac yesterday. I expect a few more to dump in today.

    In all this, the usual quality control and manually testing on 25 different setups has been skipped.

    Plugin Author


    As to the problem with transparency, it seems to be related to the Gd converter. All reports about black backgrounds has always been with the Gd converter (blue backgrounds is new to me).

    In order to get closer to finding out when this happens, as of 0.14.0, I have made the Gd conversion method spit out more information under conversion (to the log). Both version info and info about the image it is converting (if colors are RGB, etc.).

    Also, from 0.14.0, the conversions logs are saved to the filesystem. One log for each image. The logs are stored in wp-content/webp-express/log/conversions/path/to/

    Can you please paste the conversion log of one of these black or blue background images here? Thanks! (I cannot reach them myself, as they are protected from outside access by .htaccess rules)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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