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  • I’m not sure this issue was caused by WordPress, as it affects all files hosted by my webserver, but since I upgraded to WordPress 2.2, every single PNG file I have on my webserver is unusable.
    When viewed, the image says “The image “(Image URL)” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.” If I download the image (Via FTP), the downloaded file is equally useless.
    This happens to all files, anywhere on my server, even when there is no .htaccess file affecting that file.

    I’m not really keen on how HTTP servers work, but since this issue coincides exactly with my upgrade to WordPress 2.2, I wanted to make sure that this issue couldn’t have been caused by upgrading, before I asked my host for help.

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  • That is odd! Only .png or does it happen for .jpg too.

    if I had to guess, your .htaccess file has been farked.

    JPG files work fine. It’s really annoying because I designed my site around the PNG image format… so right now, none of my design’s images load.

    I have the same problem but i just found out, at least for me, that it is not WordPress related. In my case, i uploaded some PNG files to my server and for some reason, the images just won’t display in Firefox or Internet Explorer 6.0.29 on Windows XP, but it will display fine on Safari 3.0.2!!! I finally figured out that it was because of how those PNG files were saved. What i did to fix this problem was to open the image up in Microsoft Photo Editor (comes in XP) and then save it as another PNG file.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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