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  • Hi.
    I’m about to create a demo-site for a customer, and I liked this plugin very much and installed it in my WP-site, but I’m new at this so I have some rather “stupid” questions for you:

    1.Isn’t there a list of PMPro-shortcodes somewhere? (Could not find any)
    2. I’ve marked a few categories for each membership-choice on my site, if a visitor then searches my site for one of these categories, will my members show up in the result-page/listing? (This is what I want)
    3. Does’nt PMPRo have a Login-page equal to chechout and account with the shortcode: [pmpro_login]?
    4. I’ve got different css for each member-group, and would like my members to be redirected to their “members-group frontpage” after login. How do I do this?

    Compliments on a great plugin. (Hope you will have it in Norwegian Language soon 🙂 )

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  • Plugin Author Jason Coleman



    2. No. That means users of that level will be able to view those categories. If you want a directory/profiles, you should look into the “directory” module in the Register Helper plugin (requires a developer to setup)

    3. No. The WP login is the PMPro login. You can use plugins like Theme My Login to move the login form to the frontend.

    4. We’ve done something similar for a client before. If you signup for support at and post to the forums there, I can help you get the custom code for that.

    Thx for the reply! 🙂
    As usual my ideas and desires surpass my own skills… this is sooo frustrating! 😛
    I’ve signed up now, and will post my question there 😉

    And of course this will cost me some money I don’t have at the moment, so I’ll have to wait…

    3. No. The WP login is the PMPro login. You can use plugins like Theme My Login to move the login form to the frontend.

    I’ve installed Alligator Popup-plugin (works great!), and created a gif and put it into my page. When clicked the popup with [pmpro_levels]in it shows.

    Now, I hope there is some kind of solution to the next step:

    When members click the level of choice, I want them to berefered to the registration-form and not directly to the check-out. As of now, when I (admin) click a level to test it, this appears:

    changeMembership Level
    You have selected the xxxxxxx membership level.

    The price for membership is NOK 0.00 now.

    Membership expires after 2 Weeks.

    You are logged in as admin. If you would like to use a different account for this membership, log out now.

    Does this mean that ppl WILL BE TRANSFERED to registration-form when not already a member?

    And last (and probably something you can’t help me with), when I click the level of choice, the check-out page shows in the popup-window and not in a regular window. How can I change this? (Or is it best to keep it in the popup on top of the first visited site?)

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    Hi MonMidt,

    It appears that some of your requests are very specific to your application. Since this is the case, and they aren’t necessarily general PMPro questions, I’ll direct you to our site,, where you can sign up for premium support and receive answers/code snippets for all of your questions.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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