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  • Hey PMPRO Team,

    Thank you for the awesome tool. Our business has been using it for the past few months with very few issues.

    Currently we have two small issues:

    1. Upon checking out, the confirmation page does not appear. Instead the user is redirected to our Homepage. This occurred recently and has always worked before. I looked online however the resolved issues date months ago to v1.7.0 with “a huge bug in DB generation”. The forum is here:

    An update to PMPRO did not help. We’ve also changed the Confirmation page in settings to a totally different page.

    2. Our clients are getting emails each time their Stripe account is charged manually. There are times we use Stripe’s “Create Payment” feature. We charge tax as part of the payment. The confirmation email sent by PMPRO adds an additional tax, which is confusing to our clients.


    $10 service + 9.25% tax = $10.93 (stripe charge)
    PMPRO email shows $10.93 + additional tax, so $11.94 is what our clients see. The actual charge is the correct amount, $10.93.

    We updated to the latest version, v1.7.9.1 and issue #1 still exists. We are unsure about #2 but assume the issue is still there.

    Thanks in advance for any help from PMPRO and the community.

    Tommy N.

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  • I can supply our website and provide WP and server details as needed. Thanks!

    Plugin Author messica


    Hey Tommy,

    1. Are you using any addons or custom code that might modify PMPro behavior? Additionally, some plugins such as user approval plugins can cause this issue as well.. Have you tried disabling your plugins one by one to try to isolate the problem?

    2. You can customize the emails sent by PMPro easily with the Email Templates addon – Additionally, you can use the pmpro_email_data filter to change what certain !!variables!! in the template will evaluate to. An example is here:


    Hey Jessica,

    1. I will try disabling each plugin and see if this resolves it. We are using a cache plugin.

    2. Thanks for the links for the email editor. While we can modify this, the tax calculation is still an issue. Under “Orders” in PMPro settings, the calculated total has the same issue where tax is calculated on top of the total.

    I’ll report back about issue #1.

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author messica


    1. You should make sure any PMPro pages and member protected pages aren’t being cached by your plugin – that might be causing the issue.

    2. Could you explain in detail how you have your levels set up?


    1. I believe you’re right. The issues began when we installed a cache plugin. I’ll look into this.

    2. We have 6 different levels, ranging from $19.95 to $249.95. Each level has tax enabled (9.25%).

    When our clients sign up, the very first email and order has the right amount. For example, $19.95 + 9.25% is $21.80. The order listed in PMPro and the email shows $21.80.

    The next month, when the membership renews, the price charged in Stripe is $21.80, which is correct. PMPro shows the order as $21.80 + 9.25%, so the order is stored as $23.81. The email sent also shows the wrong amount, $23.81

    While the order stored in PMPro is not important since we do not rely on this, the emails sent to clients is rather important since the emails serve as their receipt.

    Hope that helps!

    Plugin Author messica


    We’re going to look into the Stripe tax issue, but a temporary solution for the emails could be to change how the total is calculated with pmpro_email_data filter. An example of that can be found here:

    So you could check for the email template you want and if there is tax, and then modify the total which will be returned.

    If you need further help, please consider becoming a member at for our member support forums.

    Hope that helps!


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