• Hey folks;

    Trying to export from PMP within a Multisite environment, but the PMP fields aren’t populating on the export:

    membership_id membership_code_id membership_discount_code membership_initial_payment membership_billing_amount membership_cycle_number membership_cycle_period membership_billing_limit membership_trial_amount membership_trial_limit membership_status membership_startdate membership_enddate membership_subscription_transaction_id membership_payment_transaction_id membership_gateway membership_affiliate_id membership_timestamp

    They’re all blank when I do the export.

    Would love your thoughts on how I can get those to populate. Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Javier Carazo



    Do they work with a single installation? I did the PMP addon many years ago and as I am not a PMP user I cannot tell you much about it.

    Thread Starter pid1984


    Hey Javier

    That’s a good question. I imagine they would, but I haven’t tested.

    I’d be happy to discuss retaining your services to work on this if you’re interested. I’ll send you folks an email.

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