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  • Hi,
    I tried s2Member prior to going live with my site. I uninstalled s2 and then installed PMP. On the first day of sign-ups I received four Premium members (paying members) although PMP only listed one (Paypal had four). The three missing ones were not even listed as Regular Members.
    When I realized what had happened, I decided to install these members manually. However, when I went to the Admin Users to manually enter them as Premium Members, there were no PMP categories there. Instead there were old s2Member categories.
    I installed User Role Editor to eliminate the s2 roles, thinking that would allow my PMP roles to show. It didn’t and now I have only the general Admin User categories and all registered show up in the Subscriber category.
    At this point I don’t know what to do or how many premium memberships might have been lost as a result. Can I uninstall PMP and reinstall and then manually input those registered as Subscribers into their correct categories? That would mean a lot of work and also the recreation of the customizations on various PMP related pages. Is there a simpler way?
    Monty Pelerin

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  • I wish I could answer and solve your problem with a reply, but it sounds like you will need to do some detailed database analyzing to find out where things went wrong.

    Do you have a backup before everything went haywire?

    Have you made any other configuration or plugin changes/updates since starting this process?

    It could be a simple fix, but it sounds like there is overlapping or missing data which your plugin is relying upon.

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