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    I have installed PMPro in combination with Learndash LMS to help me register my members for a course. I have also installed the LearnDash & Paid Memberships Pro plugin to help with the integration. In my setup, I would like for my members to register with their full name and addresses, therefore I have also installed the PMPro International Addresses plugin and activated this. In WordPress the WordPress look enabled. But nothing really happens on my check-out form, its just the same fields. So I was wondering if I have to manually insert the code in the International Addresses plugin somewhere specific?

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  • I am still struggling with this. What I am trying to achieve is to get members to register with full name, email and address. I am not sure if PMPro International Addresses is the right addon or if there is another way to do this?

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    The PMPro International Addresses plugin makes the billing fields “long form” and adds a “country” dropdown to checkout.

    You might be interested in these plugins:

    Thank you very much!
    The plugin “PMPro address for free levels” did the trick 🙂

    But now of course I am wondering if there is anyway to change the different fields this plugin has added to adjust it to my country? I would like to remove the State-field, have the Zip-code field before the City-field. In the country dropdown-menu, I would also like to have another country than the United States as the default country. Is this possible?

    Hi maritk,

    There’s a filter you’ll want to hook into and return false on here: This will remove the state dropdowns.

    If you’d like to move the zip code field above the city field, you’ll have to create a custom checkout template as outlined here:

    Removing the US in outlined in the plugin code here:

    Hope this helps!


    Ok. Thank you very much, but I need a few more tip from you 🙂

    – How do I turn the filter false (not all that into coding..)? And do I do this in my checkout.php, which I have now put in my active theme-folder?

    – When it comes to switching the zip code-field and the city-field. Do I have to create a new page template in my active theme or can I just edit the already existing checkout-template? If it is the last alternative, which lines do I switch?

    – I have actually removed the Pmpro international address-plugin, but I still have the dropdown country field showing in mye checkout-form. Is there a way of editing the default country in the plugin “PMPro address for free Levels”

    Thank you very much for replying 🙂

    Hi maritk,

    1.) I apologize as I had initially referenced the wrong line number above. The line number should have been 347 in that example and not 374. Anyway, something like this should work: add_filter( 'pmpro_state_dropdowns', '__return_false' );.

    2.) You’ll want to copy the checkout.php template from PMPro into your theme and make the changes. You want to move the zip code above the city field, so those are the lines you will need to adjust. You’ll find the zip/city inputs in the checkout template.

    3.) Here’s the filter for the default countries:



    Thank you very much for your follow up 🙂

    1. When I try to add the filter you are suggesting in my checkout.php, the checkout-page online don’t show anymore, so I am probably doing something wrong here. But just do be clear, I am not trying to remove any State drop-down, I am trying to remove the State-field all together.

    2. I have also tried to change the lines for the city and the postal code/ zip in my checkout.php in my theme, but the changes are not visible online. And I don’t understand this, because I have checked the checkout-php several times, and the zip-line now is before the city-line.

    Is there anyway I can e-mail you this page, so you can check if it is ok? That would be very much appreciated

    3. The country drop down with a new country default is now working really nice, so thank you very much! At least some good News 🙂

    I should also mention that I am now using the “Add shipping address”-plugin, but since changes are to be done in the checkout-page, I would think that this is just the same?

    Plugin Author Jessica Oros


    1. You should be able to edit your own custom page checkout.php page template, remove the code for the state field altogether, and use the pmpro_required_billing_fields filter to adjust which fields are actually required (this step may not be necessary).

    2. This type of support would probably fall into our Paid Member Support Forums. Unfortunately we cannot deal with all requests on the boards. You can learn more about becoming a member at

    3. Glad to hear it!

    The shipping address addon should’t affect the billing address fields.

    Hope that helps!


    Plugin Author Jessica Oros


    Marking this as resolved.

    I needed to disable the required fields for State, City and Zip code.

    Worked like a treat when I added the additional codes from to my functions.php file (in my child theme).

    Thanks for this! 🙂

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