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  • Hi ,
    i have some untagged posts , and i can’t find an option that can list all my untagged posts so i can delete them .

    i’ve read some article about that and they say that i need to do some change to wp_query , but i’m not familiar with php , i know some basic coding stuff but not php , i want someone to explain how i can do it , so i can list all my untagged posts

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  • This plugin looks promising:

    In terms of the future, if it doesn’t prevent the problem from recurring, you may also want to look at this:

    Disclaimer: I haven’t used either plugin myself.

    none of this plugin could help my situation , i want to delete them , is there any plugin can help ??

    any plugin that can filter All tags and has an option for untagged posts it would be helpful


    I couldn’t find any plugin that will delete untagged posts for you.

    Someone who knows PHP could figure it out from this post:

    If you want someone to write it for you for free, and don’t have any luck here, you might try

    yes i’ve read this post , the problem is i don’t know how to add the code

    $tag = get_the_tags();
    if (! $tag) {
    echo 'this post has no tags ' . /the_permalink();

    if you could help me , where should i put the above code , i know in wp_query ,but where . can you help me

    I won’t be at my desk where I can help you, for 2-3 hours.

    I will respond then though.

    hmm ok , and thx ^^

    Now that I’m back at my desk, I’m confronted with some bad news: the plugin I used to use to safely use PHP is no longer in the Plugin Directory. And what I assumed might replace it does not seem to work anymore.

    Both of these simplified the creation of Shortcodes, which are PHP code that is inserted into WordPress in a controlled way.

    Any other approach to adding your own PHP code can just too easily cripple a WordPress site even when you have a good knowledge of PHP.

    Without learning PHP, the only thing I can suggest is using this plugin to prevent future Posts from having no tags:

    Which still leaves you with the task of finding the current posts with no tags. For which I can offer no easy answer for you now.

    I am sorry, but, as I stressed in a WordCamp presentation a few years back: you really need to learn PHP programming if you are going to do anything out of the ordinary in WordPress.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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