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  • Just spent a coupe of hours searching the forums and looking through the plugins directory. I really can’t find the type of plugin I need, as it’s very specific. Please forgive me in advance if the solution to my need is blatant and obvious, and that such-and-such plugin would do the trick. Bear with me folks, and let me explain what my need is:

    * I have a WordPress install for a podcast network’s website. There are over 20 different podcast shows, and a couple of dozen different hosts/co-hosts across the whole network.

    * I’m wanting to create a page/block/widget for each individual host containing their photo and bio.

    * Every podcast program is a whole category within WP, and each episode of every single podcast has its own individual blog post.

    * I’m wanting to be able to put the appropriate block/widget for each host bio on the podcast program (aka category), so that whenever someone views the page for Podcast A, the bio widgets for Host X and Host Y show up on the sidebar; when they view Podcast B, the bio widgets for Host Z and Host W show up on the sidebar; Podcast C, the bio widgets for Host Q and Host R, and on and on…

    * And just like the last point, I would like the appropriate bios to appear on each individual blog post/episode page based on which category that podcast episode resides in.

    * I would like to be able to have a “master” page (obviously I would simply create a Page in WP called “Host Bios”) that would collect all of the hosts’ bios that are contained in the aforementioned blocks/widgets and display them.

    * I am the only post Author/Admin on the entire site/blog, so anything involving a special author-based plugin won’t work. The podcast hosts have nothing to do with posting on the blog. But I would imagine that based on my needs, the plugin I need might behave the same way as a type of author plugin.

    So is there anything out there that is close? Perhaps a special plugin that works with tags or categories? Something that would allow me to store custom widget blocks where I could use them on certain pages?

    Thanks in advance!

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