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  • Since at least last week, the plugins SVN repository script does not update the “last updated” field when a new version of a plugin is uploaded.

    Other information such as plugin version is updated, only the date stays stucked.

    Active plugin version information in the stats tab also seems to be unreliable, although it may not be related.

    I don’t know where to submit bug reports about the SVN repository, so I hope someone will see it here.

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  • Same here
    Updated the plugin twice in 2011, but it’s still showing as last update Sept 2010.
    It might not be the most important data on the page, but it definitely affects users (I personally wouldn’t download a plugin that hasn’t be mantained more than 6 months in certain cases).

    Any WP updates on this?

    I have also had similar problems lately. Have updated a few of my Plugins recently and all updates do not reflect the latest SVN date.

    This means any update doesn’t show on the recently updated Plugins list. I never had this problem before, just started to notice it recently.

    I also noticed that my last plugin’s download counter started before the plugin was actually committed to the SVN (it had 14 downloads before even existing!).

    If you want an update from Otto on those issues, I suggest putting him again in this forum threads tags (Tags > Add in the right column). He removed himself from the tags after answering our initial questions, above. Two weeks ago he said: “I’ll try to figure it out.”



    My plugin Connections date will not update either.

    So, what is weird now is that mine has started updated. I think it has something with the way you might be posted to the SVN. The last two changes I’ve push I did it this way.

    Made all my changes in the trunk folder as usually. Then Commit those to the SVN (only trunk folder changes).

    Once that finished then I did the svn cp trunk tags/<newtag> then Commit that change. Within the 30minutes the plugin page showed it updated.

    Someone else who is having issues, try those steps and see if it fixes your issue.

    Any update?



    I usually tag my releases using Aptana tag/commit but that broke a few months ago on my system for some reason. It always complain mid commit about a file lock problem. So I resorted to using the command line for tagging, regular commits work just fine within Aptana. The command line syntax that I’ve been using is

    svn cp svn\url\trunk svn\url\tags\version

    By SVN URL I mean the WP SVN URL to my plugin.

    Next time I’ll do svn cp on my local folder structure and then commit as suggested above.

    Of note, I did notice that the last updated in now accurate. I’m wondering if someone fixed that manually or if the system fixed itself???

    Just updated my WP Content Filter Plugin today and the updated date STILL refuses to update properly, it is showing as being last updated June 2010!

    This is a bit of a pain so new versions of my Plugins never get to the ‘Recently Updated’ WordPress page. 🙁

    I just added Otto to the topic tag again, maybe he can give some update on resolution of those issues.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I’ve put in a temporary fix until the underlying issue can be figured out. This may make the update time happen more often than expected, but at least it will update.

    Thanks Otto!

    Not sure if this is Otto’s doing or not, but I added some more info (one sentence at the top) to my Changelog from my last update and committed it and my Last Updated date is now current to today.

    Oh also I believe there was another part of the equation that is important. I made some minor modifications to some of my core plugin files. The file that I believe kicked things into gear was updating my admin.php file. The reason for this is I have updated all of the other core plugin files many times and the Last Updated date issue still remained. Now what is contained in that core file could be a logical explanation for what is being seen or not seen when updating files. What was removed was 2 lines of wp_register_script code that was no longer being used and 2 lines wp_enqueue_script. Now this of course could all just be coincidence.

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    Ok so I had wanted to remove all the Last Updated info that i had added to my readme.txt file yesterday. So I made the changes to the readme.txt and did a commit. The readme.txt file did not update. I added one word in a commented out section of the admin.php file, made the changes i wanted updated for the readme.txt file and the readme.txt file updated successfully. And this sounds goofy, but i had a bad experience a while back when i had the files open in Dreamweaver that i was trying to commit. Once again this could all just be a hit or miss thing, but thought i should put in my 2 cents. Thanks.

    PS I removed a section of code from my admin.php file that i felt was not relevant in the paste above.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Okay, first, stop changing things. Too many changes will only make it confusing. Make your changes in bulk, then check them all in at once.

    Secondly, changes don’t take effect instantly. It may take several hours for a change to show up.

    Third, if you’re using tagged versions, then the only thing read from the trunk will be the “Stable Tag”. Everything else comes from the tag directory. So changing the readme.txt in trunk won’t have any effect at all unless you change the tag.

    Finally, all changes matter. There’s no difference between PHP and TXT and anything else. So you can just stop trying to figure it out.

    People continually doing crazy stuff like this is what causes it to get horked up in the first place. STOP IT. If you think it’s behaving weird, then stop screwing with it. Email me which plugin you think is having the problem, and then I will investigate and either fix the problem or tell you what you did wrong.

    Either way, you cannot debug the thing. Stop trying.

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