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  • I am running Ubuntu 14.04, Nginx 1.6.0, and PHP 5.5.9. I’m using php5-fpm and Nginx connects to it via a .sock reference.

    I’m noticing that quite often when loading plugins.php or update-core.php the process hangs. It’s not always true, but through testing I feel confident that it is not connected to a plugin. It happens intermittently even when the plugins directory is empty.

    I changed options in PHP so slow requests would be logged and this the output I get.

    [07-May-2014 13:19:08]  [pool www] pid 5020
    script_filename = /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa537b68] fread() /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa5379c0] request() /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa5377d8] _dispatch_request() /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa537660] request() /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa537538] post() /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa537428] wp_remote_post() /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa537310] get_remote() /srv/
    [0x00007fff2e87c320] check_update() unknown:0
    [0x00007f77aa537178] call_user_func_array() /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa537000] apply_filters() /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa536d98] set_site_transient() /srv/
    [0x00007fff2e87c9a0] wp_update_plugins() unknown:0
    [0x00007f77aa536bb0] call_user_func_array() /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa5369c8] do_action() /srv/
    [0x00007f77aa536808] +++ dump failed

    I’m not sure how to troubleshoot further. Help is appreciated.

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  • @ryan Burnette ~ OMG, and here was me thinking I was the only one with this problem. I posted about it here ~ but until I saw your post I hadn’t associated it with Ubuntu 14.04 and Nginx, but as it turns out, I am running both with PHP 5.6 on a ServerPilot install on DigitalOcean.

    I have de-/re-activated my plugins with Debug Bar running more times than the Salvation Army has served hot dinners, but I can’t find any point in the sequence where the delay jumps to the point where its unacceptable (22 seconds at present).

    No matter how much memory I give WordPress it just gradually gets worse and worse, as I add back in the plugins.

    It seems to be only plugins.php and update-core.php which are causing the problems here.

    I never figured out what the problem was back when this happened to me. I reloaded my droplet from scratch and the problem did no reappear for me. It may be a problem with a particular version of some dependency package. I’d suggest using apt to make sure everything is up-to-date. Hope you find a solution to your issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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