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  • Hey guys,

    I have a domain that used to be zen-cart that I am changing to a WordPress site.

    There are 40,000 URLS indexed in Google.
    How can I 301 redirect all of these URLS so the “juice” is passed on to my new pages?

    Redirecting them all to the home page should be fine since there are very few deep links the majority of links are to the home page anyway. As this was an online store the indexed URLS are for old products so there aren’t many matches pages on the new site.

    They are mostly this format:

    Most important is just to keep all the link juice and have the urls neatly redirect to the home page?
    If can specify for some urls or batches of urls to go to specific pages that would be a bonus

    I would think adding 40,000 urls to .hataccess etc would slow things down badly though

    Any advice will 301 redirecting all the old product pages like this lose any PR or link juice? As mentioned there aren’t many deep links, but deep pages are google indexed and do get google traffic

    I saw Simple 301 Redirects Plugin, can this redirect all parameters on a url to a base url? Anyone know what do I put in, something like index.php?* I need something like that for the index.php page but not to apply to other WordPress posts which may have parameters with my shopping ads.
    Or shd I use another plugin like urban giraffe redirection plugin?

    P.S. I had another site with all ugly index.php?abc343 type urls indexed in Google, after installing WordPress at that domain clicking on those links went to the home page but index.php?abc343 would still display in the address bar and for that other site I noticed the index.php?abc343 type urls have disappeared from Google over time, not sure if this is the best way?

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  • This plugin isn’t going to be helpful in your situation, because it doesn’t currently support wildcard redirects or regular expressions. However, you should be able to set up a single redirect in your .htaccess file that will redirect all of those pages to your homepage. something like this should do:

    RewriteRule ^index.php.+ [R=301,L]

    That should take any request for index.php that has more after it (like index.php?main_page[…]) and redirect it to the home page of whatever site you put in place of

    Hi Scottnelle!

    Thanks for the help, really appreciate it

    1) What about urban giraffe redirection plugin? Does that support wildcard redirects? I tried using it but can’t figure it out

    2) What if I wanted to redirect some urls like 50 products to the new corresponding page and the rest to the index, would I do it this way?

    3) What about other types of urls? I have some urls where there was an old wordpress so there are urls I’d like to redirect to the home page where is the best way to redirect a list like that?

    thanks again 🙂

    Also I put that line in my .htaccess not sure it makes any difference

    before I put that line of code in .htaccess this is what happened:

    go to
    it goes to the wordpress home page and this remains in the address bar:

    exact same thing happens when I added that line, it doesnt seem to be 301 redirecting? I am worried it people click on old search results I will get penalized for the higher bounce rate, thought 301 redirect would solve that but the parameter really should not remain in the address bar

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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