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  • I’m using the <!--more--> tag in sideposts with a thumbnail photo to create a sidebar excerpt.
    When someone clicks read more the post will expand in the main content area to show the original sidepost “excerpt” content plus some additional text and a full-size version of the thumbnailed photo.
    My issue is that the more tag doesn’t stay intact when someone opens the post to read more and the full size image shows in both the sidepost and expanded post.

    Is there anyway to truncate what shows in the sidepost so it only shows content prior to more tag regardless of if the post is open or not?

    Example: first sidepost on


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  • I saw that you say. I’m sorry, but you found a bug. Because the sidepost should work as you expected.

    When clicking on any “Read More”, or “Keep Reading” in any post, ALL posts at the sidebar are shown fully expanded.

    This is a problem with the more tag within WordPresss (not a bug in WordPress), that does not apply the filter to the posts when showing a simple post page.

    I posted just now bug on my track to fix it ASAP. I hope in less than 2 or three days it will be fixed. Keep watching for a bugfix release this week. The bug can be followed here:

    Thanks for reporting!

    By the way, Liked the design at this “testing” site.

    I think I’ve found it ! Please, can you download the development version to test it before releasing?



    Beautiful! Problem solved!

    Thank you so much for your super quick replies in regards to support. I loaded it up and it works wonderfully.
    I just gave you and your plugin a 5 star rating.

    Thanks again!

    oh, and thanks, the theme is a very-modified version of neutica by Allan Cole. He’s made a couple really beautiful themes.

    waitaminute… I just noticed something, the original issue of the <!--more--> tag staying intact in the sidepost is fixed, but now the expanded post opens up automatically scrolled down to where the more tag is in the content. Everything prior to the more tag isn’t shown in the expanded post unless they scroll back UP.

    it works, but it feels weird.

    Any way to fix that?
    If not, I won’t die.


    Many Thanks!

    I will release this bugfix next days in 1.4.2

    About the problem opening just to the more tag, this is the WordPress behavior. It doesn’t main if you have the plugin installed or not, it acts the same way. By WP design, this is the expected result.


    okey doke, I’ll live.

    thanks again for all your help.

    can any one help me in my case more tag breaking the post but not visible in post

    This is by using the SidePosts plugin?
    It’s good idea if you provide a link to the site or page.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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