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  • I have several blogs on several different servers. For some reason, since upgrading to 3.0, and while trying to use the update feature, none of the plugins will update.

    I get to the page where the little progress wheel shows up but it just spins and spins and noting ever updates. This is very frustrating.

    Has anyone else seen this issue and/or resolved it?

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  • whyzoom,

    Have you attempted a manual update through an FTP client?

    Hi doc4. No, I haven’t. I know I can manually update them, but I am looking for answers on why the automatic updater is not working. On a couple blogs I have close to 40 plug-ins running, so manually updating would take forever. I figured since WP now has the auto-updater, it should just work 🙂

    I have been struggling all day with one site which refused to allow me access to the admin functions. I could see the site but could not log in to the admin functions. After several conversations with my hosting company I deleted the site, and installed a fresh version of WP, and then upgraded to version 3. I then tried to access the plugins and was timed out with a database connection problem. I can access all the other admin functions except the plugins. This is a brand new install with no mods or other plugins, just the bog standard one click install, and two plugins Aksimet and Hello Dolly – nothing else at all, other than an upgrade to V3 and the theme I have used on several other sites ( Builder from Ithemes) – site address is Any help would be much appreciated as I have spent all day trying to resolve this – hosting company have no answer and suggest it is a WP problem?

    The situation has changed. I am now unable to log in at all. This is the same problem as before on the finished site, but on a new install. The hosting company has checked their systems and they can see no reason for the problem and have suggested this is a wordpress issue. I have several sites using the same theme, plugins and set up, but they are all OK it is just this site so I am not sure.

    I don’t know if I should start a separate thread, but I have a similar problem.

    Within the admin area, I receive the little orange notifications that plugins need to be updated. But when I go to either the new Dashboard>Update area or the Plugins screen, there aren’t any plugins requiring updates.

    I compared the versions of my plugins against another blog where notifications work fine. I can then identify which plugins are out-of-date and manually update them via FTP.

    But why would the admin area not indicate which plugins need to be updated when some portion of WordPress knows enough to give me the little orange update indicator?

    This problem only appeared after updating to WordPress 3.0 and I have other blogs with 3.0 that don’t have this problem.

    Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

    It looks like it was an incompatibility with one of my plugins:

    BackupBuddy, by the good folks at iThemes, was somehow disabling the WordPress 3.0 update notification system. They provided a manual update of their plugin, which fixed the problem.

    Great backup plugin, btw, in case anyone’s looking for an easy but comprehensive way to backup, restore and migrate your WordPress blog.

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