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  • I have been trying to upload a new plug in to put photos on my blog. My photo editor quit working but now, although I downloaded the zip file on 2 different photo plug ins and extracted the files, they are not showing up on my plug in list.

    This is the first plug in I’ve tried to add in about 6 months but never had a problem before.

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  • Are you using the ‘add plugins’ feature inside your wordpress dashboard? You dont need to extract the zip file when doing this method, it will do that for you.

    I am using a version so old that this feature isn’t offered. I have a newer blog with this feature so I know what you mean but this blog doesn’t have it, I’m doing it all manually.

    I know the answer is probably to update to the latest version but I’ve read the instructions and a manual update (which I have to do) is way over my head. There is also no “automatically update” feature either.

    Typically, once you extract the files for the plugin, all you need to do is then place that plugin folder into your /plugins folder in your wordpress installation. Then we you log into WordPress you’ll be able to see the new plugin.

    Wow! I feel dumb! I downloaded it but not to the plugins section. Been a long time since I added one.

    Thanks so much.

    Should be working now.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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