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  • tranh2



    I copied all my plugins over to a new server and I began activating them one by one. Then all of a sudden the list of plugins disappeared. I can’t install, activate, deactivate or anything. The plugins all work fine I just can’t see them. If I delete some plugins the list reappears. It looks like its only letting me view a certain number of plugins. If I add more and activate them past this limit the list disappears again.

    Has anyone had this problem or knows how to fix it?

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  • nabtron


    not sure, but did u try clicking links on the top menu on plugins page?

    which says:

    * All (44) |
    * Active (19) |
    * Recently Active (5) |
    * Inactive (25) |
    * Upgrade Available (1)

    etc, most probably you its not showing the correct list



    I don’t even get those options. All I see is the “Manage Plugins” that’s beside the plug. Everything below that is blank. No links or anything.



    ok here you go

    there is some plugin that is causing this problem

    please do this:

    start deleting the plugins from ftp / file manager one by one and check the plugins page after each deletion

    note down when the plugin page re appears, and note the plugin that you deleted just before that happen.

    Its highly possible that plugin was causing the list to disappear



    Thanks for the help thus far.

    I tried that also and deleted the plugin. The list reappeared. Then when I went to activate the next plugin the list disappeared again. So I went back to delete the last activated plugin and then the list disappeared again.

    So I thought maybe its not the last activated plugin doing it but the one before it, so I delete that and the last activated one, the page reappears. So I activate the next two and on the third the list disappears again. It’s so annoying, its like I’m almost limited to the number of plugins I can activate.

    I also tried deleting the plugin that making my list disappear, deleting another plugin, re-uploading that plugin that was making my list disappear, activated it and it worked fine!

    Can it be something with the server? I’m transferring from justhost dot com to ixwebhosting dot com



    there is possibility.

    i will recommend you to let some professional look into it himself (you can count me in) lemme know if you are interested

    Hi all,

    what was then the solution to this issue? My plugins disappeared as well, but this was a first installation, not a transfer.

    the error was some plugin conflict, simply follow the solution in above posts and it should help

    what plugin was it that didn’t work? I’m having the exact same issue.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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