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  • My WP interface is shot for some reason. I can’t upload any files through the WP interface (but I can via ftp), comment moderation is kaput, and a number of plugins stopped working. I’ve tried everything under the sun to figure out what’s wrong & have struck out pretty much.

    My host offered to restore my site to its last saved iteration fr. July 1st. I’m terrified, but attracted to the idea of doing this since hopefully I will regain all the features I’ve lost. The terror comes fr. the fact that I could lose some of the data I’ve added since 7/1.

    I’ve already once followed the codex instructions to do a backup. If I choose to restore the site back–is there anything special or different for what I’ll be doing that I should be aware of? And once the site reverts back to 7/1 what would I do to restore the posts, comments, etc. added after that? After all, I don’t want to import back into my installation all the bugs or conflicts that somehow crept into it & trashed all those features mentioned above.

    The other alternative would be not to restore the site back to 7/1 & try to live with the limitations. Carthik has said that when he returns fr. India he’ll try to give things a look. If I chose this option at least I know Carthik knows what he’s doing. I don’t have as much confidence in myself.

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    First, install a brand-new (unedited and unmodified) WordPress v1.5.1.3. If the new installation works perfectly, then you certainly have grounds for restoring from a backup. In that case, it would be wise to use the most current complete (files and database) backup that is available to you. As a side note, I believe that all hosting companies should offer daily remote backups (most do). It is unfortunate that your host only feels that you are worth only one backup per month. I would consider moving to a different hosting provider.

    If the new installation does not work perfectly (IOW, you experience the same problems as you are with your regular blog) then you are unfortunately the victim of one or more server issues and you should contact your hosting provider ASAP. If your hosting provider refuses to resolve these issues, you should consider moving to a different hosting provider.

    Bluehost tells me that they have weekly and monthly backups (I think he may’ve said they have daily as well). Weekly wouldn’t take me back far enough. And since I don’t remember the precise day that these things started failing it seems that I should go back at least a few wks. (about how long ago it was when things started getting funky). As for a daily backup, I don’t know how far back they keep daily backups. The fellow definitely told me that all backups are erased at the end of the month & that I have to decide before 8/1 whether I want to do a restore.

    I’ve already queried my host about whether they might’ve done anything server wise that could cause these conflicts. They claim they haven’t & also claim that no other WP users have had similar complaints.

    I think if I’m going to go the route of a fresh 1.5.3 install, then I’ll wait for Carthik’s return. When I first started blogging w. wp, he created for me some customized mod_rewrite rules & .htaccess files to deal with permalink redirection & I’m not confident enough that I can tweak all that stuff & get it running smoothly by myself w. a new install.

    I’m sure that with a new install & all posts, comments, & custom rules imported back into it, I can install all my current active plugins & get the blog running once again. So restoring the site back to 7/1 doesn’t seem as imperative to me as it did earlier.

    Try just ftping a fresh copy of the WP files other than the ones you’ve changed (like wp-config.php). You won’t have to install again, but if there is a corrupted file, this may fix your problems.

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