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  • Hi, just a quick note about a small bug I’ve noticed a couple of times.

    When I update a plugin in my WP install, there is a bubble next to ‘Plugins’ in the title bar on the left of my screen which says how mnay plugins need updating. But when the update has finished (so still on the update plugins page where its says installing plugin, plugin successfully updated, etc) the number in the bubble goes to -1.

    As soon as I leave this page everything is ok and the bubble disappears (presumably it resets to 0 updates available?) but there’s just that little quirk that it shows -1 for a while.

    Not at all a problem in anyway though of course, just something that perhaps needs tidying up.

    Thanks, James

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  • It just a message to inform you that your update have finished.If there is 1 update needed it shows (round mark)1 , but after update it shows -1 (means there is nothing to update now)

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    but after update it shows -1

    Uh, no that is not the case. The update icon should show the number of available updates or zero. It should never show a negative number.

    @en7jos Can you provide a screenshot of that or a snippet of a screenshot? It may be that you have a plugin or theme conflict causing that.

    Hi there. Sorry that this has taken a while, but here’s a link to teh requested screenshot showing the -1 after a plugin update:

    Regards, James

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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