Plugins should specify PHP memory usage (5 posts)

  1. techtangerine
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Some plugins are being built for dedicated hosting environment, and require up to 64 MB of PHP memory, which is not possible in a shared hosting environment. Plugin devs need to specify approximate memory usage instead of making us do the trial and error.

    For a full discussion of shared environment woes: http://www.techtangerine.com/2012/12/09/wordpress-and-the-shared-hosting-environment/

  2. Yes, those plugins should. And people should contact those plugin devs directly and ask them to do so :)

  3. techtangerine
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Did. What I had in mind was some kind of guideline for all plugin publishers. Maybe something they ought to declare in a form, which shows up in the plugin description for us. There is reason why this forum is called "Requests and Feedback"

  4. Heh. Not arguing that at all, just pointing out what can be done (easily) today.

    We don't put those sorts of guidelines/requirements on developers since the ones we do have are pretty much "Rules to be hosted here." The rest of "Good Developer Behavior In General" which we try not to enforce since people need creative freedom.

    That said, we do push back on lousy readmes.

  5. k_nitin_r
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Developer who gives stuff away for free, won't really put in more than 'x' amount of effort before they finally give up. Volunteers reviewing the plugins can collect statistics on memory usage by means of another plugin (assuming there are hooks available for it) or reviewing tool.

    I would be wary of using memory usage statistics as a measure of system requirements because processing a 2x2 pixel image would be negligible compared to a use case involving a 2048x2048 pixel image.

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