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  • Hey guys,

    I have a project with quite specific member subscription requirements, so before searching out general info on relevant plugins, I thought I’d ask here for some recommendations to narrow down my search a little.

    The site will have users subscribing to be a member for different lengths of time – maybe 3 months, 6 months, 12 months …etc – with different prices for each. Payment by PayPal is fine. When they subscribe, two things will happen:

    1) They are “active” in the email database, to receive a monthly member’s email newsletter. An Admin will also be able to send to certain groups within the email database, depending on the “group” they have chosen during signup.

    2) During signup, they select from a list of categories (or similar) of articles on the website that they will have access to. They can select 2 categories only, from maybe 15 or more.

    So the process/functionality I need to implement is:

    #1: Allow a new member to choose length of subscription.
    #2: During signup process, they select a certain number from a list of categories (or similar) which will be the articles they will have access to on the website itself. They also select an email newsletter “group” (might be their country, for example).
    #3: Payment will be process through PayPal, and then membership activated in site database for specified length of time.
    #4: Their email will go into the email newsletter database for their membership duration, and as well as being part of main email DB, will also be part of a sub-group within that.
    #5: Site admin can send email newsletter to either whole DB or a group within that DB.

    So if anyone can point me in the direction of the best options for achieving the above that would be mightily appreciated.


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