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  1. banarani
    Posted 4 years ago #

    On the plugins list, every plugin has its own versions, and some of them are outdated (e.g. updated last in 2009) but with a big version number like 6.0 and some are fresh and new (e.g. just created in 2012 and so much more likely to be compatible) and have a low version number like 1.0. A newbie like me first chose the one with 6.0 only to realise it was not compatible even with the current WordPress version.

    So the date of last update as part of the upfront information on the search result page for plugins, along with number of downloads, will help newbies get the latest version/most recent plugins and encourage developers to update more often. Perhaps whether it has been tested compatible with latest WordPress would be great upfront search restult info also.

    Thanks for the great work !

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