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  1. unregularjohn
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Using 4 plugins on my blog post pages.

    - nRelate related posts
    - Po.st social buttons
    - Total facebook for facebook comments
    - Fancy Author Box

    Have deactivated them all one at a time and tried. Have deactivated down to only one plugin of the 4 and tried that all around. Have deactivated other plugins to try and weed that out. I am still getting the same results.

    The post displays just part of the total facebook plugin on first load. On reload all of the items appear. I remove the Total Facebook and this does not remedy. Nothing shows and then when I reload, it shows.

    Seems like the information is getting generated but all objects get a 0px attribute. It's like the site is timing out on loading before it is all loaded and then on a refresh it loads the last information that wasn't loading before.

    Any ideas?

    website is located at

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