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  • I am having problems with my wp. Plugins are not working. None. Not even Hello Dolly. When I click activate he goes into the page that sais plugin activated, but under he keeps on asking me, on the last column:
    Also in no page does the lyrics of Hello Dolly appear.
    Is there a way I could test if the options table is set up correctly?
    And in case fix it?
    Many thanks,

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  • Pietro,
    Hello Dolly does not work. It was put in there as an example only and has never worked for anybody. I think we should apply 20 lashes to the dev team for this travesty! 🙂

    Ok. We surely should flog whoever did it… yet no other plugin works.
    I see here:
    how the image should appeare, with the button saying: “deactivate”
    well, mine never switches to “deactivate”. It always sais “activate”, even after I press it. Is not a problem of Hello Dolly. “Somehow” the wp does not store the plugin option value.
    any more help?

    I am happy for you, but the problem, is not about hello dolly.
    No Hello Dolly, no PurpleNumbers, nothing.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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