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    I installed the plugins but they are not showing up, not sure what I did wrong.
    Any help would be appreciated
    Thank you

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  • Did you upload them to wp-content/plugins directory?

    Yes I did, and they are not showing.

    not showing up in the Plugins Page or?

    they are showing in the plugin folder, but not on my dashboard or plugin page




    what plugins do you think you you think you should be seeing, what are the names? And if we are talking about the blog in your profile, look in your plugins directory for me — do you see a hello.php???

    yes, I do see that. I uploaded the stats plugins and it is not showing. Any other advice?
    thank you

    I am also having a problem with this. I had the ald-transpose-email pluggin installed, however I was getting an error. Thinking that it might be an older version (I have this installed on several sites), I downloaded it anew. Then I deactivated it in WordPress, deleted the previous folder from my directory, and uploaded the new version. It’s showing up sitting there with all my other plugins, but is not showing up in WordPress.

    Resolved? I have the same problem: Askismet and Hello Dolly are showing fine WP 2.3.3 – which install4free very kindly set up for me after I messed up upgrading from 2.3. (I think), the original installation: Tan Tan Noodles, Optimal Title, Simple Tags, Sociable – none show in Administration > Plugins > Activate (not there to acivate, though Askismet was and did, after entering the API (? the code along with my username). I’m new, just ten days into WorPress and haven’t much of a clue about what’s going on.

    I am having the same issue… I can activate and deactivate plugins that came with the software, but no new ones that I have uploaded are showing. anything on this?


    I have the same problem as byknight and uptempoair. I uploaded Chicklet-Creator, Google Site Map Generator, Tan Tan Noodles, Optimal Title, Simple Tags, and Sociable to the wp-content/plugins directory on my host. None show in WordPress Administration > Plugins > Activate except Akismet and Hello Dolly. I activated Akismet. I changed permissions for each one I uploaded. A hello.php is there. No luck. I really need to get these going soon. I’m on a tight schedule. Does anyone have the answer? I’m new, just starting with WordPress, and appreciate your help.
    Thank you!




    I really need to get these going soon. I’m on a tight schedule. Does anyone have the answer?

    Thats neat — your time is no more valuable than anyone else’s. If you want help than you need to provide more info, or you need to provide the url to you wordpress blog.




    tria, this error should not be here:

    that tells me that you uploaded theme files to the root of you plugin directory. theme files dont go there. when you have removed those files, I will be able to tell more what the nature of your problem is.

    in the meantime, check that you have not nested the plugin directories and that there are no spaces in the directory names.

    My apologies. I was not trying to imply that my time is more important than anyone else’s. I am an utter newbie at blogging, and unable to learn this stuff nearly as quickly as I need to, which frustrates me. No arrogance was intended.

    I uploaded the files with instructions from my host, so I will go there, see if I can find out from them what happened, and double-check names. Hopefully, this will be easily solved.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    I think what you need to do when you drop off the plugin file in your wpcontent/plugins folder make sure they ain’t in a double folder.
    But if this is really resolved then ta heck I say

    Hey there guys, has anyone resolved this issue? Im experiencing the same problem.

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