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    Hello All,

    I’ve just installed MAMP on my computer and WordPress is up and running on my local machine.

    I’m using this to test and tweak a new theme before making the switch on my live site.

    All of my local WordPress files are stored in MAMP->htdocs->sites-> and the demo site is functioning properly.

    In order to import my data using an .xml file, I was prompted to add the WordPress Importer plugin, which I did by downloading the plugin and dragging its folder into the theme plugin folder.

    That worked fine. It showed up in the local installation’s dashboard and I activated it.

    I also added the theme by dragging it into the themes folder, and activated it without any issues.

    Now, I’d like to have all the other plugins that are on my live website installed on my local installation. So I downloaded them and dragged them into the same plugin folder as I did the WordPress Importer plugin.

    The problem is none of these other ones are showing up in the dashboard plugin menu.

    Any idea how to get this to work?

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  • Make sure that none of the plugins are using nested folders.

    I’ve checked them all and the individual plugin folders simply contain the plugin files…

    They are unzipped, yes?


    Then they should be listed under the Inactive Plugins automatically. What plugins are these?

    Here’s what I’ve got:
    Active plugin: WordPress Importer
    Inactive plugin: Hello Dolly

    Plugins that I’ve added to my plugin folder but which aren’t showing up:
    All-in-one SEO
    category posts
    google analytics for wp
    google site map generator
    let it snow
    maintenance mode
    page excerpt
    page tagger
    rss footer
    rss icon widget
    share and follow
    si contact form
    slayers custom widgets
    stray quotes
    wp cms post control
    wp print

    Hotfix you can dump. It doesn’t fix any issues in 3.2.1 but Akismet should definitely work. In fact, it should have been in the plugins folder when you installed WordPress. This is a single site install – not multisite, yes?

    Yes, this is a single site install.

    It seems to me Akismet was there when I first installed the demo site. But then I dragged all my plugins over to the local folder, including Akismet, thinking they would be the latest versions, and then I noticed Akisment had disappeared (along with all the other ones that aren’t showing up).

    I had added Hotfix to fix some plugin issue when I changed hosting providers back in June.

    Try removing all of the plugins except the Importer & Hello Dolly. Then download a fresh copy of Akismet, unzip it, drop that into the plugins folder and see if it’s listed under inactive plugins.

    Thanks, I’ll try that.

    Yes, Akismet appears in inactive plugins.

    I tried adding another one, stray quotes, but it still does not show up…

    Excellent! So it would seem that the plugins you downloaded to the local install were corrupted in some way – possibly during the download process itself. I’d suggest grabbing fresh copies of the rest of your plugins from their original sources.

    Thanks Esmi, I will do that.

    (I had downloaded them using Fetch…)

    Ah! I betcha Fetch corrupted them…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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