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  • I recently tried to install 3 different plug-ins.
    I installed them all to the \wp-content\plugins folder but when I go to the activation screen they don’t show up in the list.

    Any ideas on why they don’t show up?

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  • Figured out the problem.

    It’d be helpful if you posted what the problem was and how you solved it for future reference. 😉

    I had 2 copies of the blog. One was installed in the root web dir, the other in /root/blog.

    The options in WordPress were looking at the plugins in /root/blog/wp-content/plugins/ but the plugins were installed in /root/wp-content/plugins.

    Everything was working fine because of the two copies, I just installed the plugins to the wrong folder.

    Thanks for replying. 🙂

    Well, i have the same version (2.01) but i don’t have two blogs.
    It was a plain install using the install-wizard, i just blindly copied the php files from the extra plugins to the wp-content/plugins folder, nothing.
    I checked access, read / write rights, all okay.
    I created seperate subfolders inside the plugin folder and moved the php files to there, nothing.

    The wordpress configuration is installed in wwwroot/wordpress subfolder (http::// for testing purposes since i have other PHP software on the webroot.

    I read these links and aren’t applicable to my problem for as far as i should have followed the instructions (the initial install was done from within the wordpress folder and not moved later):
    (btw, it would be nice if the RSS feed of this site is actually Firefox friendly which it isn’t, at least not in 1.5)

    try not putting the php files in their own subfolders. All mine are in thr same folder.

    I didn’t at first, but since i saw one of the default plugins having it’s own folder, it invited me to try this approach.

    I’ll think i just stick to B2 instead as i only need some frontpage news site and is also much easier to port an existing frontpage design and css into. (no “header”, “sidebar” and “footer” php shit)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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