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    Have latest version of wordpress, have uploaded several plugins via ftp, but do not show in plugins admin area. tryed changing permissions as per codex-no go , Please Help-Thanks

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  • Which one doesn’t show up?
    the wp-print? Did you read the instructions or readme? Of course not. So, do it now and you will see what was your mistake.

    Attention MOSHU,
    When I set up the site it came up that wordpress had to be upgraded to new version, So i uploaded the auto download plugin and used that to upgrade. That uploaded OK, but since then I have uploaded 5 more plugins-wp-print,subscribe to, adsense manager, all in one seo and google sitemap generator. But none of them appear in the plugin management page in the admin area and as per your suggestion above wp-print still no go. Thanks

    I have a similar problem except it’s related to the upgraded versions of plugins and it’s infuriating.

    1. I make sure the plugin is deactivated.
    2. I delete the old plugin directory (I’ve even tried renaming it)
    3. I upload the new version

    When I check the plugins directory it still shows the old version!

    I’ve looked in the WP plugins directory to check that the new version is there (it is).

    When I check the plugin via the <Edit> option in WP, it shows the OLD version even though it no longer exists on the server.

    What gives? Is WP caching the file somewhere (I’ve even tried to clearing the cache in Firefox)?

    This is an ongoing problem with virtually every plugin I try to update.

    BTW, I’m running WP 2.6.2




    @ stuartpaul,

    all the plugins you have mentioned, have the same problem as wp-print.

    watch the video tutorials, they explain what you have done wrong.

    Some further info on the plugin problem.

    I uploaded a new version WP Ban (1.31) but the old version (1.11) still shows up in the Inactive section (the new version is active and functioning), so there’s definately something wrong with the way the Plugins section works.



    whooami: Thank you for the informative videos. It’s too bad moderators around here are more interested in belittling than helping. *sigh* I have visited this forum a whopping three times in the past year and once asked a question of my own. Immediately a mod came across as intimidating and impatient. Unfortunately I have seen similar cases with all 3 of my visits.

    Moshu, I think you could have worded your ‘advice’ without the arrogance.

    Just my opinion.

    Not all of us are experts. Some of us are just looking for a little direction.

    Thanks again whooami.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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