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  • Resolved davedon72


    Hi folks

    When I go to my list of Plugins, only 1 of them is showing. It says how many I have, but only shows one at a time. I deactivated the one that was showing, and another one appeared in it’s place.

    It is almost as if the area that shows the list of plugins is to small an area. Everything was fine, ow it’s not.

    I have WP 4.9.7 installed

    Any suggestions?

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  • Arun Sathiya


    Hi there!

    It sounds like you have set a limit of 1 on the Screen options section of /wp-admin/plugins.php

    It might be that you have set to show only one item (one plugin) on that section.

    Can you check if that’s the case?



    Hi Arun Sathiya
    Thanks for the reply.
    Shortly after posting my question, that thought did cross my mind. I tried opening the screen options but even that will not open. If I go to my dashboard, I can get screen options to open. It just seems to be an issue with the plugin page. I have tried 2 different computers to make sure it is nothing to do with my computer settings.
    My brain hurts

    It’s probably something to do with your browser. And, this would probably be the same on both your computers if you are synchronising browser settings.

    Have you tried a different browser by any chance?

    I have tried 2 different computers that use different browsers. The computers are not connected in any way. We have another WP site and that is fine, it is just this one.
    All the plugins are there, they are just hiding.

    I have reinstalled the most up to date WP version and that has not helped.

    All sorted. I managed to get each plugin deactivated, which all then showed up as deactivated. After reactivating them, I found as soon as I activated the plugin WP Reset, it all they all disappeared again. I tried to contact the author, but there is no contact for them and there I could not leave a review.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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