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  • Hi again!
    It seems to me that somethings wrong (with my installation/configuration/?), ’cause I see only the default plugins that came with the WordPress 1.5 Installation.

    I tried several others (as well as adding a new theme-folder, btw), but my admin-output doesn’t show anything.

    Have I overlooked something?

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    Can you give us a little more information? Did you place the plugins’ PHP files into /wp-content/plugins ? Which plugins are you trying to use?

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    Also, can you verify that the plugin in question exist in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory? You may have accidentally overwritten the entire directory when you upgraded.


    Sorry for delaying… (those weekends tend to surprise one every unsuspected once and then ; ))

    I was going to try briansthreadedcomments.php and iimage-browser. Since documentation to both of them is a bit scarce, I just throwed their respective downloaded folder-contents into /wp-content/plugins/ (next to the default ones (hello, markdown and textile), so this folder is populated with:

    * briansthreadedcomments.php
    * hello.php
    * iimage-browser-plugin.php
    * iimage-browser.php
    * markdown.php
    * textile1.php

    I throwed them into the folder _after_ the upgrade. As far as I can see, there is just this one folder wp-content, so my guess is that the location should be correct.

    I’ll go and check whether I had downloaded from an unofficial or something site (question of format etc.) but I think this should neither be the issue.

    Thanks already

    Update: I got the plugins from the official repository, and iimage did appear in the menu. (But I had to enalbe the hacks-thing, which I’m not ready to yet, so I removed it from the plugins-folder and the plugin waas gone.
    No luck with the threaded comments plugin though. Will ttry download with another browser, who knows…
    Can somebody maybe recommend another plugin for threaded comments (to make them look more like a discussion)?

    Thanks a lot

    Went back to step 1: Reinstalled the default wordpress stuff (removed everything I already changed) to see if this would help get me Briansthreadedcomments — nope…

    I’m quite clueless here, sniff…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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