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    I just moved a website from a multisite installation (top level, no subdomains/subdirectories) to another multisite installation (not to primary position – but none of the other sites have any posts yet) on another server.

    Everything has transferred over and seems to be working correctly except I cannot view all the categories with two of the plugins. I installed the plugins directly on the second multisite and didn’t copy any plugin data or the wp_options table from the first multisite.

    Two widgets that display categories are working correctly.

    Multiple Category Selection Widget (both as a widget and as a short code) and Gravity Forms only display around 12 parent categories with no child categories.

    The standard WordPress category widget and Themify List Category widget work correctly.

    I’ve tried deleting the plugins and re-installing them, switching to the default theme and turning off all the plugins, but they still don’t work.

    I’m at a loss as to why this would be happening since a few of the categories do show up, but the vast majority of them don’t.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, I’d appreciate it.

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    I cannot view all the categories with two of the plugins

    Sorry … what? You mean when you have the plugins active, you can’t see the categories?

    Sorry for not being clear. The categories don’t show on those particular plugins. They show everywhere else on the site.

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    They don’t show at ALL when the plugins are active, or the plugin is supposed to display categories and don’t?

    If it’s the later, the plugins may not be Multisite compatible 🙁

    The plugins are supposed to show all the categories and are only showing a small percentage of them.

    When building forms with Gravity Forms there is a field called post category that should pull up all of the categories and give you the ability to add all or to select which ones are available for the form. Since moving to the new multisite, only about a dozen are showing and the nine I need do not.

    I know Gravity Forms is compatible with multisite. There is plenty of documentation on their website and WPMU Dev that says it is.

    Multiple Category Selection Widget gives you the ability to show all of your categories on a drop down widget and your users the ability to filter search results on multiple categories. Once again, I’m only seeing about a dozen or so categories listed when the plugin is active.

    I don’t see anything that says whether Multiple Category Selection Widget works on multisite or not.

    Both of these plugins were working correctly on the site prior to the move with the same versions of the theme and WordPress (including a multisite installation). The only thing that has changed is the site is now a secondary site rather than the primary site on the new server.

    Ok, I’ve fixed the problem. I deleted the plugins, cleared W3C Total Cache, optimized the database, then used WPDB Spring Cleaning to delete all the plugin files from the database. When I reinstalled the plugins, they are working correctly.

    I found a problem with WTI Like Post where it wasn’t working correctly because when you add a secondary site to a multisite installation, the plugin doesn’t update with the new database locations. Doing the above steps to fix that also fixed the other two plugins that weren’t working.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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