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  • I’m using two plugins, Contact Form 7 and PixoPoint (drop down menus) with the Flexibility2 theme. I have inserted the code as instructed to integrate the plugins with the theme, and they work great except that they do not load when my website first appears in the browser window (IE or Firefox). Refreshing the page does NOT solve the problem, however, clicking on any of the choices in the navigation bar, including HOME, does fix it, and it fixes it permanently for that browser session, such that the contact form appears in the sidebar, and the navigation menu has the additional drop down functionality provided by PixoPoint. While this is a mystery to me, I’m sure it must be an easy fix for someone who understands the php code and the way themes are loaded. Please help.

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  • sounds like your browser is caching old pages
    clear your browser cache and site cookies and test

    That didn’t help. Even tried another computer, one that had NEVER loaded my website before. Same behavior as previously described. It’s something else; obviously, the plugins aren’t loading until the nav is used, and when that happens, it runs the code in header.php and everything from that point forward in the browser session is absolutely fine. It’s a sequencing issue with the theme and the code used to integrate the plugins. I suspect the code needs to appear somewhere else, as well, to activate the plugins when the theme first loads in the browser. But I don’t know where/how.

    I’m the developer of the PixoPoint Menu plugin. If it’s not a caching problem, then it’s probably an issue of your theme not loading scripts or something like that correctly on the home page. It’s impossible to tell without seeing the page itself though.

    If you would like me to help figure out the problem, please post the question in our support forum (I rarely check in here for posts) …

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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