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  1. harknell
    Posted 3 years ago #

    This is sort of a "meta" issue. For some reason 2 out of 3 of my hosted plugins here at wordpress.org seem to have dropped out of the search results in the plugins section, and also appear to have dropped out of the auto update notification system (when installed in someone's blog--they don't see that an update is available). My plugin that is still visible is AWSOM Pixgallery, the 2 that can't be seen are AWSOM Drop Down Archive (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/awsom-drop-down-archive/) and AWSOM News Announcement (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/awsom-news-announcement/). They are still public if you go to them directly, it just looks like they aren't being indexed anymore.

    I can see them though in my profile, and the SVN repository works for me (and it gets updated properly in my admin area at WordPress.org to show that I updated the files to newer versions.)

    So....Whats happening? An indexing glitch? What do I do / Who do I contact to fix this?

  2. Hi - you can write to plugins@wordpress.org for assistance with this.

    p.s. I think plug-ins only show up in the WP search results if they've been updated within a certain time period (2 years, I think, but don't quote me on it!). Since AWSOM News Announcement was last updated 2009-7-27, it would explain that omission. AWSOM Drop Down Archive was just updated today - if that's the first update in a couple of years, you may just need to wait for the search index to be updated - not sure how long that takes but you could try again in a day or two.

    That said, you'll get the best and most accurate answers from the plug-in folks at the email above - this forum is mainly just for helping end users. Good luck!

  3. Found an article from back in August that confirms my theory:

    New Policy Coming to WordPress Plugin Repository: Plugins Not Updated in 2 Years Will Be Hidden

    Since AWSOM Pixgallery was updated in 2010 that's why it's still showing up.

  4. harknell
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Zoonini,
    thank you for the info. This does raise one other interesting question though: What determines the "updated date"? Because all of my plugins have been updated way more recently than the dates shown. The file dates on the files themselves are all from 2011. It's weird in that I updated the Archive and the News plugins at the same time, but one shows the new 2011 dte and the other still shows the very old update date. As far as I know this doesn't get set anywhere in any of the files by me.

    Just another strange thing.

  5. That would definitely be a good question for the plug-in folks at the email I gave you above - don't hesitate to send them a message, and if you report back here when you get an answer it may help others in the future. Good luck!

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