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    Well … I am using Jetpack 1.2.1. It’s working quite good. However I’ve some difficulties with the Subscriptions feature of the Jetpack. It easily allows any visitor to subscribe to all of the posts via email through a widget in the blog’s sidebar. It’s pretty good. The problem is that I don’t know how to manage my subscribers (suppose if anyone wants to be removed then how can I remove him?). I haven’t find any option from the left side menu of the Dashboard. Did I miss something or can anyone please help me to figure out a way to manage the subscribers list of Jetpack’s Subscriptions?

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  • Hey, all. My problem is that I can’t get this to work. I’ve signed up (subscribed), and I’ve had friends subscribe, but none of us is getting any emails when I write new posts.

    Any suggestions? I’ve updated everything and tried multiple times but can’t get this to work. Thanks for your help!

    Hi Tim,
    I want to send only a summary of my post to my subscribers, but there is currently no option to do that. Please help!



    I’d love to see this option but I’d like to the php code to upload to my custom sidebar, is this possible.

    is there any way to customize the email and confirmation email that’s being sent to the subscribers? i thought i saw this somewhere when i installed the plugin then wanted to care about it later and now i can’t find it anymore (and i _was_ searching–so don’t think i want you to do my homework 😉

    thx in advance

    Agree with others. MAJOR FAIL on this subscription plug-in. Subscribers can read the whole post in their email and never come to my blog which is where I make my money. It is completely worthless in this regard in its present form. FAIL FAIL FAIL! Let us optimize it for our needs and I’ll be back. It’s easier to manage than Subscribe2, but I can’t use it until I can use it to draw people to the blog. PLEASE FIX THIS!

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    You can change it to be excerpts by changing your RSS reader prefs to excerpts.

    Though one should note, if you write good stuff, people will come to your site to comment or check out what else you have 🙂

    In addition to changing the RSs to excerpts you need to be sure to add the more tag to the post, this will decide how much of the post is sent in the email.

    Ranting that it is a major fail and asking the author to then fix it for you isn’t a way to get yourself anywhere. As noted write good stuff and your readers will come to your site.

    I would like to know how I can customize the emails going to the subscribers.

    I’m appreciating all of the input here. I’m not sure if anyone is having the same issue but here goes:
    I have the JetPack subscribe by email widget, and subscribed to my own blog to test it, and in the email I received, the links were bad. The links still included the URLs the site used while it was still being built, before I made it go live. So in the email, where it says “Great content you may have missed…” when you click on the link it goes to a Blue Host 404 Error page.
    So the JetPack email subscription widget is doing me no good if my readers can’t even link to my pages.
    Any ideas? I’d like to fix it if possible, but as of now, I have a small enough number of subscribers that it would be easy for me to use a different service, like Mail Chimp. But I’d rather not have to go through all that.

    I have several hundred people that are subscribed to my site; so I know the system generally works. However, I have heard from about five or six that they are unable to subscribe. They input their e-mail address, but they never receive the confirming e-mail; to which you must respond before being added to the subscription list. I have had them check their spam folders; no luck. One guy is very tech savvy and has tried four times with no success.

    Anybody else have this problem or know how to solve it?

    Is there any way I can manually add an address and bypass the confirming e-mail step?

    I agree. It doesn’t make sense to send the complete post, pictures and all. Please allow us to send an excerpt of the post to subscribers. My RSS feeds are excerpts but not the subscription emails.

    I can confirm that the link to manage subscriptions is not being sent/received.

    I need updates to be issued on a per week basis rather than on a per post basis. I’m of the belief that the blog owner should be able to specify this versus the subscriber (or at least have the option to).

    The fact the entire post contents is sent is a huge drawback as an unwise traffic deterrent.

    I have high hopes for Jetpack but these issues needs to be remedied.

    After months of complaints (on other blogs too) about not being able to delete subscribers, export or manage the list, it seems the developers are not addressing this. I’m now using Subscribe2, but I need to delete the jetpack subscribers so that they are not sent 2 emails now with each blog post. Just another example of why we site owners need to have control over the subscriber lists. This whole thing has given me a bad taste for Jetpack. I really don’t want to use any of its features due to this now.

    Jim Liston & MJEG –

    Have either of you found a way to change the emails from containing the whole post to an excerpt, without going back into every post and adding the “more” tag?

    Talking about WordPress subscribers only, not RSS feed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I’ll chime in to. Sending the entire post entirely defeats the purpose. subscribers have no need to actually come to my site. Please, please, please fix this, wordpress.

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