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    Well … I am using Jetpack 1.2.1. It’s working quite good. However I’ve some difficulties with the Subscriptions feature of the Jetpack. It easily allows any visitor to subscribe to all of the posts via email through a widget in the blog’s sidebar. It’s pretty good. The problem is that I don’t know how to manage my subscribers (suppose if anyone wants to be removed then how can I remove him?). I haven’t find any option from the left side menu of the Dashboard. Did I miss something or can anyone please help me to figure out a way to manage the subscribers list of Jetpack’s Subscriptions?

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  • Hi,

    The Subscriptions feature is set up as self service for the subscriber. It is opt-in and in each email they receive there is a Manage Subscriptions links. A user can click that link, then change their subscription options from there.

    I hope this helps,


    Seems that I am not allowed to manage my subscribers! 🙁 Well … then I’ll stick with the Subscribe2 widget. At least it gives me the freedom to manage my subscriber list!

    Thanks a lot tmoorewp for the quick reply. 🙂

    It would be cool if the subscriptions feature would allow hooks to third party email services, like MailChimp, so that subscriptions can all be managed in one place for users that already have subscriber lists.


    Yeah … I second you. I already have a subscribers list of 100+ people. I am not going to build a new one and abandon the previous one. So if Jetpack supports to import those old list as CSV, it would be great!

    I’d like to see subscriber stats beyond the number of subscribers. For example, I’d like to see when each subscriber signed up, what delivery frequency they prefer, and what format they prefer. It’s weird having people subscribe without knowing anything about them or being able to manage subscriptions.

    I’m using FeedBurner for email subscriptions and it offers a lot more control — including many formatting options. I think JetPack’s solution has a long way to go before it’s really usable for serious site managers.

    I agree re: staying with Subscribe 2.

    I was excited that Jetpack now included Subscriptions, but not much use if you can’t manage the subscribers.

    Perhaps I’ll revisit once they integrate a bit more control.

    I can’t take Jetpack’s Subscriptions seriously until I can import my existing list. I want to use it, but cannot until that time.

    I’m new to the subscriptions, and like others here I had high hopes for the jet pack which were not fulfilled, so I’ll be looking at the suggestions y’all have been making.

    Most disappointing for me was that jet pack’s subscription sent the entire blog post out to subscribers.

    The whole idea of notifying them when something new is posted is to get them to come to the site, but jet pack makes it so they never have to come.

    In short, it does the opposite of what we’d want it to do.

    I’m using Jetpack “Subscriptions” and I would like to customize the return address when a subscriber receives the notification. Right now the From: address says the message was from WordPress rather than a return address identifying my blog. Where does one go to customize the return address of the blog notification?


    @everyone: thanks for the suggestions. We’ll keep these in mind for future iterations on the Subscriptions feature.

    @physlab: Currently, you can not customize the return address for the emails.

    You can view the list of subscribers by following the friendly instructions given here:

    It wouldn’t be difficult to copy and paste the results into a spreadsheet or whatever. It’s not tidy, but it would work.



    I’ve been using subscriptions, and I was disappointed to learn that I can’t manage or access my subscribers. I am switching over to Mailchimp. It’s free, and is very flexible.



    @gmarcus2 Me too. I realised I needed more power than this.

    I briefly went to subscribe2 but had a problem customising it – an element couldn’t be hidden without hacking the plugin code.

    Mail chimp it is for me! It’s so easy to set-up html templates for emails.



    Can anyone post sugestions on how to email new post automaticly to registered ‘users’ ?

    blog subscriptions jetpac is nice if it also added or linked ‘subscribers’ to ‘users’ … if for subscribers there were a check box ‘check to become a site ‘user’ where they now can post to the blog …

    Let me know if anyone is interested in developing this site with us …

    I would like to be able to modify the email that is sent. I’d prefer to send subscribers a notification of a blog post with the title, perhaps a description, but not the whole text. I would like the email to provide a link to the post. If the email contains the entire text of the post subscribers have no reason to visit my blog.

    i’d like to use the subscriber list as a tool to draw my readers to my side not as a replacement to visiting my blog. any ideas or solutions on how we can modify the outgoing email so that only the post title, perhaps a description, and a link is sent out??

    Doing this also allows me to modify the post without have an email sent out with the older text. after i publish a post i often find there are a few changes i want to make but by that time an email has already been sent.

    any ideas appreciated, thank you

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