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  1. earthtodavid
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Just wondering how plugins work in relation to sites built in a multisite enabled wordpress?

    Do you have to install plugins for each seperate blog or do plugins work for the entire network?

  2. plugins work for the entire network. there's one plugins folder that is shared.

    they are activated on a site by site basis though. Works like wordpress.com (except obviously the super admin - you - gets to pick the plugins).

  3. earthtodavid
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Andrea,

    I'd like to ask another question please.

    When you choose your plugins for a new blog in your network do those plugins carry over the same settings for your previous blog(s) or can each blog that you choose a plugin for have different settings.

    For instance let's say you have BLOG A with a social plugin set up for sharing to twitter and stumbleupon. Then you set up BLOG B and choose that plugin but only want it set up to share to twitter? (hope that makes sense).

  4. Plugin settings are independent for each blog.

    So if it's a regular wordpress plugin that you;d normally use on a single bog.... it works the same way.

    the only ones that have global settings are ones that are specifically written for mutisite.

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