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  • Dears,

    I have some questions about what plugins to use in a network WordPress installation. I will describe them below by “functionality”, and I hope you can help me find/choose the best plugins (or make me cry if there were none available) 😀


    Anyone already use some kind of network plugin in a network WordPress installation? I want more than one site level in my site, to build a structured news portal like:

    [WP Network installation here]

    [Network and subnetwork by directories]

    and so on

    I know they exists. Have you ever seen any problem with this kind of plugin, and too, can you recommend one that is “safe for use”?


    When I have a safe plugin to create more levels in my wordpress installation, I will want too a plugin to aggregate the sublevel publications (in the child sites) and “publish” them in a post-like way (but not replicate) in the parent site. Example:

    If I have many posts published in child sites like:

    There is a plugin that can published this posts in the parent site:

    in a post like way, but when people click in some of this posts in parent site, they are re-directed to the correspondent post in the child site (and not some kind of child post replication in a parent site)?

    More detailed example: if I post an article in:

    about some theme like “Water in Saturn Moon Revealed after 14 Years”, this post can be shown in the parent site:

    like a post too, but when people click in this post, they are redirected to the child site ( that really published this post?

    And the last question about this theme: Its possible to do the same with to the root site (, and showing one or more of the last publications made by all child (or parent) sites?

    The tree will be some kind of this: [ROOT] [PARENT] [CHILD] [CHILD] [PARENT] [CHILD] [CHILD]


    In this (complex) environment described above, there is some plugin to managing all the RSS generated by the parent and the child sites?

    More detailed: can the root site, present other options of RSS like the parent and/or child sites? There are levels available? What plugin (if exists) you recommend?


    In this (very complex) environment described above (sorry), there are any plugin for WordPress network installation that can manage different twitter accounts (for different site levels)?

    Well, its all for now. Now is the time to listen you all 🙂

    Best regards.

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    Bear in mind JJJ knows it needs some updating, but it should still work. It’s complicated and weird to get used to.

    GLOBAL AND SECTION RSS – No, BUT you can make a plugin, put it in mu-plugins, and hook into wp_head() for all sites.

    TWITTER – It should always be per-site so … I think that’s okay? Not really sure about that.


    Thank you by your suggestions. I will try them all 🙂 but one of my request you didn’t answer: about the posts published in child sites, if they can be presented in parent sites (or ever in the root site), but when accessed, they redirect people to the child site that published this post 🙂

    Can you give me any suggestion about this request?

    Best Regards

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    yes, despite the name it does exactly what you want. this will also give you a global rss feed.

    also, there 3 different multi network plugins out there to try.

    EDIT: Oh hole the phone here… multi network plugins do not next subFOLDERS only sudomains.


    Thank you by your suggestions and corrections 🙂

    So, if I cannot create another level of directories with multi-network plugins, I think that the best approach (a.k.a: plan B) will be use categories in each site of the WP farm, and put them in a URL, simulating the directory second level: [PARENT] [CHILD][+ LINKS TO CATEGORIES] [CATEGORY] [CATEGORY] [CHILD][+ LINKS TO CATEGORIES] [CATEGORY] [CATEGORY]

    Do you agree with this approach? Its possible to use categories, and show them in URLs like that?

    Thank you again, in advance

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    That’s how categories and sub categories work, yes.


    Thank you! Now I have only one more question remaining: about the post “aggregation” in the ROOT/PARENT site. There is a plugin you can suggest, that can shown in the ROOT/PARENT site front page, the posts created in the CHILD sites?

    If I will build a news (that way described in the comments above) using a WP farm, I will really need this “feature”. And then, when the resume post (preferable) are clicked in front page (ROOT/PARENT front page) the visitor will be “automagically” redirected to the CHILD site post.

    Thanks again in advance 🙂

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress


    Perfect! Already installed the WP MU Sitewide Tags plugin, and its fully functional in my project 🙂


    But, I’m still working in collect some other useful plugins for the project, and in the “end” I pretend to detail here in this thread all my installation procedure, because (I think) maybe it can be of some help for others interested in this same approach (if it is not the place, please, tell me, and I will not create a mega-post about this, here in the future).


    I’m far from finish the basic installation, but I already posted one news in and the system replicate the call in the http://news.codecommunity front page 🙂 And when we click in this call in the front page project, we are redirected to the original post published in the digital sub-site 🙂 I love it!!


    Now, I need another plugin 😀 and need your help suggesting one for me 🙂 There is some plugin that permit one login for all sub-sites in this WP farm installation? If yes, what you suggest? I really don’t want people creating so many accounts just to participate in all sub-sites in this same project. I really want people creating only one login that will serve to access all project’s sites. Can you help me?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    There is some plugin that permit one login for all sub-sites in this WP farm installation?

    this is built in. You already have what you want. they cannot create a second account to participate in a different blog in the network.

    you just add them as an existing user to the sub sites you want.

    I’ve written up plenty of docs in the codex

    and also over at my blog http:/

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