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  • Since I installed some new plugins, the images for wp-postratings, wp-email, and language translator stopped appearing on my blog.

    I de-activated all the new plugins.
    I know the plugin ‘comment relish’ has several flaws – at least the original version did. (Several different complaints are in the comments here.)
    Could it be affecting my display even though it is not activated?
    If I delete it from my plugins directory, there is still a table wp_cr in the database, but it does not look suspicious – it’s just a table of addresses to which comment-related emails have been sent.
    Might it’s installation have added or modified something in another table? I checked wp-options but saw nothing.

    I tried Firebug, Firebug for IE, IE Developer Toolbar, and Web Developer Toolbar.

    None register/acknowledge these image display errors!

    Firebug does show if a style element is over-ruled, but I cannot see in any of the 4 tools anything about two or more plugin scripts conflicting. Is there a way?


    (P.S. Comment Relish has been modified by another author. I installed the problematic version first, then installed the modified version, which is currently deactivated.)

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  • The images part is resolved.

    Some dastardly plugin created an htaccess file in wp-content/plugins/

    with the contents:

    <Files ~ “.*\..*”>
    order allow,deny
    deny from all

    Which plugin did this?

    And am I playing with fire if I delete it?

    Hint for myself: The file has a last changed date of February 15, 2006. That’s not the date it arrived on my site, that may be the date the plugin was last updated – perhaps I can find a plugin with other files last updated on that date.

    Any ideas if there’s a quick way I can search for dates? (I have PuTTY.)

    “Comment Relish” was not to blame.

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