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    Please get rid of the terrible nag on each and every page in the backend. It is up to the user to leave a review or give a donation, you cannot hold users hostage to that.

    If you want money for it, then make it available as a premium plugin.

    The only thing this plugin does at the moment is to irritate me. A review would not be about the plugin, but about the unnecessary nag, so I’d better not write a review at all.

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  • Plugin Author luckychingi


    @senlin the notice is NOT on every page, it is on the plugin page and admin page of this plugin. The notice serves a reminder about the plugin being active on your website and it’s up to you to appreciate the time and effort put into making this plugin.

    No one is held hostage to write a review or donate. If such was the case, I would have had more than 400 reviews / donations for the plugin. There are 500+ active installations count & 40 donations received

    If I wanted to make money out of the plugin, I would have made a premium version.
    What I wish to do with my plugin should be my decision. Whether to use the plugin or not is yours.

    As a member of the WordPress community, you are welcome to write a review (good or bad).

    If you cant appreciate the usefulness of a plugin, at least let the plugin display a notice.

    The notice is displayed with a hope that some day it will encourage you to appreciate this plugin.

    Out of sight = out of mind

    Lovely, so now we get a situation of “I say, you say”. Please do take a look at the series of screenshots I have posted below.

    Perhaps your intentions are/were that the notice shows only on Plugins page and your own plugin’s settings pages, but in reality that simply is not working.

    Also looking at the dismiss button. The Plugin guidelines state that notices should be dismissable.

    The notice that you have added to your plugin is not (fully) dismissable, because on page refresh it pops up its (ugly) head again.

    Furthermore the notice itself is green, which points to “success”, whereas the contents of your notice is either “information” or “warning”, blue and orange resp.

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    On a random WooCommerce page:

    WooCommerce Status page:

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    Set up WPML:

    Also don’t you think it is ironic when you’re pushing people holding people hostage in their own website’s backend to leave a review whereas you have never ever left a review for another plugin yourself?

    I mean…

    Plugin Author luckychingi


    @senlin I see my plugin isn’t working with your setup.

    I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you want to use the plugin.

    Plugin Author luckychingi


    This isnt an issue but rather an annoyance reported by the user, thus marking this ticket closed.

    Plugin Author luckychingi


    I have checked multiple sites where this plugin has been deployed and the notice shows up on the plugin page and the plugin settings page only.

    If you are seeing it on all pages, the cause could be something else.


    Not sure why you’re repeating the same as you said at the start after I showed the screenshots.

    The notice does not show on all pages, but it shows on more pages than the pages that you claim.

    The reason I went through the effort to produce the screenshots was to avoid an I say, you say “discussion”; the fact that you now put the blame to “something else” is rich!

    Whatever mate, you already closed this ticket as “resolved” so good luck with it!

    Plugin Author luckychingi


    @senlin I closed the ticket since its not an issue with the plugin

    The extra comments is for others to know that the plugin does not do what you state it does.

    What I havent tested yet is with a woocommerce site. I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and conduct that test too.

    Plugin Author luckychingi


    @senlin when I checked the plugin on a test site with Woocommerce plugin, the notice showed up on Woo pages.

    Fix on its way

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