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  1. michaelny07
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Is there any plugins for WordPress Multi User that can help me in:

    1- Adsense revenue sharing with other users

    2- XML Google site maps

    3- SEO including URL format, meta tags, keywords..etc

    Thanks in advance for your time

  2. michaelny07
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi All,

    Any ideas? hints will be highly appreciated

    Best Regards

  3. FYI, bumping is frowned upon. People actually go through all posts with no answers and try to help there first, so bumping can cause a delay in help :)

    1. Adsense revenue sharing? Do you mean different ads per site? That's just up to whatever plugin/theme you want to use and how you implement ads.

    2. There are a lot. Find one in the plugins directory you like. :)

    3. Again, a lot are in the plugins directory.

    Frankly, for the last two, your best bet is to search for XML or SEO in the plugins dir and try some out. Make sure they're 3.0 compatible. You may want to check if the plugin dev has mentioned WPMU in the FAQ.

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