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  1. LMPA
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    Hello everyone. Please I would really appreciate your help if you could guide me in the best direction for this 2 ideas and let me know if exists plugins for this. I have searched and found a lot of plugins, but please you are the experts and maybe know what works better:

    1. I have an excel file for specific items and each one with a lot of details and specifications. I have a picture for each item. So my first thought was: I will grab the image, go to paint or photoshop, add a text field next to the image and there I add the details that are in the excel sheet. This process would give me a new image, but with text. I think this could be an OK solution, using NextGen plugin it will display the images when you click it and appear in a pop-up way (which is cool and what I want). So this is a very primitve solution. My obvious question is: is there any plugin that could give the same result? Or maybe better results (less time consuming, for example)? At the end I want the results to see as an image gallery and when I click the image, a pop-up displays the picture and I see the picture of the item next to the text or details of that item. Please, is there any plugin I could use?

    2. I want to add a Head to Head comparison feature, like the one you can see in Atpworldtour.com where you can add two players names and compare them in several aspects. I want to do the same but to compare two different items (out of 100), typing the names or selecting them from a scroll down list and comparing several things about those items (with its own picture). I do have the information to compare those items, I have the information in an excel file and pictures for those items. I found a plugin that could be useful, but I want to ask you first if you know if that feature that is presentd in Atpworldtour.com (head to head, comparing players) could be made with a plugin.

    Thank you guys for reading this and I really hope someone could help me and guide me to find the plugins or the way to do this.

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