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  • I am trying to find some information and have been everywhere on this site and elsewhere on the web. Been looking for a week. I’m not techno savvy so I don’t even know if this is an acceptable place to ask this question but I don’t know where to turn.
    I had a Blogger blog in the past that I somewhat recently migrated to WordPress. I thought WordPress had the capability to post multiple posts on a single page because I had seen it elsewhere with WordPress powered blogs. There is a plug in that will create excerpts on the “Home” page (display the first 55 words) which I am using. And that plug in creates excerpts on page one (home.) But subsequent pages and drop downs do not have that capability from the plug in. Is there a plug in or fix that will allow excerpts in WordPress on (subsequent) pages and perhaps dropdown cascading pages that are beyond the home page? I’d like each page to have this option. Thanks in advance and apologies if I have broken decorum but I couldn’t find an answer. Anyone know how to do it? Where to find a fix or plug in?

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    You don’t need a plugin to display post excerpts. This is more usually accomplished in themes using the_excerpt() template tag. where and on what pages this tag is used depends upon the theme. So it’s normally a case of either finding a theme that displays excerpts on all post listing (archive) pages or editing a theme you like to add this tag.

    In a theme that doesn’t use the_excerpt(), you can usually add the <!--more--> tag to your posts to manually mark where you want your post teaser to stop.

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