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  • jtprattmedia


    if your domain has “inc” anywhere in your domain name it will make this plugin fail to activate. This is because the plugin has an “inc” folder, there is a line of code that removes “inc” from the filepath in wpui-helpers.php

    We replaced that line with an update (below) to allow the plugin to work. It would be nice if this fix was in the next release (rather than manually having to do this any time you have an update).

    function wpui_dir( $app=” ) {

    //their code replaces all instaces of inc in the path which kills any URL path with inc in the domain name
    //$path = str_replace( basename(dirname( __FILE__ )), ”, dirname( __FILE__ ) );
    $path = preg_replace(“/” . basename(dirname( __FILE__ )) . “$/”, ”, dirname( __FILE__ ));

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