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  • None of the default plugins installed with wordpress 1.5 nor any of the plugins i installed myself are working. When i activate a plugin nothing happens, whatever plugin i activate. There are no error warnings.

    Maybe an issue with 1.5 beta1. Or might it be a problem with the fact that my host runs php5?

    need answers, please.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    These all work for me:

    * Auto Close Comments
    o by Scott Hanson
    * Blogtimes & Hello Dolly
    o by Matt Mullenweg
    * Per Post Comment Text
    o by Chris J Davis
    * Comment Count, Comment Plugger, Post Count, Post Word Count, Recent Posts
    o by Nick Momrik
    * Headline Image Generator
    o by Joel Bennet
    * Kitten’s Spaminator
    o by Kitten
    * UpdateLinkRoll
    o by Carthik Sharma
    * Word / Image Counts
    o by Chuck G
    * Spell Checker
    o by Brian “ColdForged� Dupuis
    * Subscribe to Comments
    o by Jennifer – ScriptyGoddess
    * WP Grins and WP Since Last Visit
    o by Alex King
    * WP Pulse
    o by Skybly
    * Sortable Nicer Archives, Technorati Link Cosmos and Post Counter and most visited
    o by Mark from the WebLogToolsCollection
    * Category Map
    o by ozh

    Add to that:

    Exhibit 1.1d (2 beta, IIRC) by Owen Winkler[1]

    Nice Categories by Mark Jaquith

    Text Replace by Scott Reilly

    Weather Icon by Jeremiah, TechGnome and Beel

    WP-Amazon by Rich Manalang

    [1] Needed an edit to work on Dreamhost, but that’s a PHPCGI issue, not a WordPress beta issue

    I also have a number of plug-ins up and running. Some were designed for 1.2, but still work.

    List at >>

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    To the OP:
    Do not forget that plugin authors are under no obligation to keep them updated. Also remember that the code for 1.5 is still changing, so an author might decide to wait for release (and stable code) before altering their work.

    wpPaginate and NextPrevious from ScriptyGoddess also work!

    Has anyone gotten Batch Categories to work in 1.5? I adore that and the site says it is supposed to work but I can’t get it to work.

    And what is Text Replace? Haven’t seen that one on the lists.

    Text replace lives here along with some other useful stuff. I use it quite a lot…..

    I’m so amazed at what can be done with WordPress….

    Also add to list:

    Customizable Posts by Scott Reilly
    Edit Button Framework 1.0 by Owen Winkler
    Flood Protection by URL by Charles Gagalac Protects
    Last Modified 1.0 by Nick Momrik
    Related Posts 1.3.3 by Alexander Malov & Mike Lu
    WP Plugin Manager 1.4.b by dr Dave

    I got Batch Categories to work. It isn’t a plugin. It sits in the wp-admin and is directly loaded. But it works like a charm.

    The other Batch Categories I was using with 1.2 put a link on the Edit page which allowed me to mark multiple pages for changing the categories. I’m having trouble tracking that specific model down. Anyone familiar with it?

    WP Amazon… I don’t have it working in mine. I am now running 1.5 on my blog. Am I missing something?

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    Did you disabled it before upgrading?

    Yes, of course.

    The problem is now no link showes up in the post page for me to search amazon to include a link to procuct. The was a plugin where one didn’t have to modify any html- the plugin did it for you. Just plugin and play on.


    Did you do anything to get Exhibit 1.1d working for you with 1.5? When I click on the thumbnail to attach the picture to a post, it does nothing. I just keep getting “No imagines…” Are you able to attach new pictures to your posts? Thanks!

    *nevermind* got it to work with Exhibit 1.1d(asy)

    For anyone following the bouncing batch-categories, in the new version of 1.5, I can’t get it to work for nothing. Anyone found a work around or has gotten their to work?

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