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  • Hi all,
    I have just updated WordPress to 5.6, but it is since three weeks that I have 0 plugins (out of 31 active) that seem don’t need update, but they do.
    Some times ago in the post Plugin needs update, but does not show anywhere @otto42 answered to search in the _site_transient_update_plugins table row.
    I found in mine that the problem likely is contact-form-7 (O:8:"stdClass":4:{s:12:"last_checked";i:1607443908;s:8:"response";a:8:{s:36:"contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php";O:8:"stdClass":12:{s:2:"id";s:28:"";s:4:"slug";s:14:"contact-form-7";s:6:"plugin";s:36:"contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php";s:11:"new_version";s:5:"5.3.1";s:3:"url";s:45:"";s:7:"package";s:63:"";s:5:"icons";a:3:{s:2:"2x";s:67:"";s:2:"1x";s:59:"";s:3:"svg";s:59:"";}s:7:"banners";a:2:{s:2:"2x";s:69:"";s:2:"1x";s:68:"";}s:11:"banners_rtl";a:0:{}s:6:"tested";s:3:"5.6";s:12:"requires_php";b:0;s:13:"compatibility";O:8:"stdClass":0:{}} etc.
    I had it uninstalled, there is no folder with is name, but nor the string in the table get clean, nor I can see any plugin updates in WordPress.
    Please, can anyone help me?
    Thank you very much…

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  • Dion Hulse


    Meta Developer

    Hi @alezzand,

    You can safely delete the _site_transient_update_plugins AND _site_transient_timeout_update_plugins entries and they’ll be re-generated.

    Does the Site Health (Tools -> Site Health in your WordPress dashboard) have any warnings related to updates or HTTP?

    You may also want to temporarily disable all plugins to find out if it works afterwards.

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