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    Hi, Brandon, what a great progress! 🙂

    Just a little bug and info 🙂

    There is a poblem dealing with the CSS. My default comment links and my CSS buttons (reply buttons) colors changed after the update.

    Here is the cause:
    #comment-tabs .ui-widget-content a {color: #444444 !important…
    and this
    .ui-widget-content a { color: #444444…

    As the solution, I removed both.
    This may also occur to some other themes.

    Also, my “allowed HTML tags” below form appeared after updating the plugin so I have to override it using another CSS rule.

    great plugin, and keep up the good work!

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  • Yep, both my installations have CSS issues and Brandon is aware of them and working on making CSS more compatiable. A big job I’m guessing.

    ak.azmi , the link colors i have fixed for 1.3.0 but the allowed html tag css override you’ll likely need to keep

    1.3 has landed

    With added sweetness, for sure.
    My WP comments CSS was still poo so made some rudimentary additions for little neatness.
    The labels are really helpful – – thanks heaps for adding those, @brandon

    Nice, thanks Brandon.

    @martin, looks like your site still needs outline: none; set specifically on the tabs else it gets a blue outline on click, but i’ll sneek that into the next update … other than that yours is looking snazzy 🙂

    P.S. I fully have plans to add a custom css box to the admin that will load after the tabs.css intentionally so that its easier for people to add in custom overides without theme mods or editing the plugin directly … want to get tab re-ordering done first tho 🙂

    @ak.azmi Thanks!

    @all Be sure to rate the plugin , 5 stars is always cool but anything > nothing 🙂

    Rated it yesterday, mate 🙂

    I am sure I’ll be happy with the plans, as style customization is always needed. 🙂

    Gave the 5 stars, easily, 10 mins ago 🙂

    Ty 🙂

    *Brandon goes back to hacking on 1.3.0+, next on todo’s is tab re-ordering / default tab , well unless a major bug erupts*

    any suggestions on a anti spam to use with this plugin ? security concerns…

    Comment moderation/administration for google+ comments is not integrated with WP, like Facebook. So I am afraid there is no any antispam plugin to handle g+ comment spams. You have to manually scan and flag/report/block suspicious comments. there is a small dropdown menu beside every comment posted where you can flag such comments. Google will automatically hide/remove it. You can control comments via Gmail or G+ notification bar. Alternatively, you can use Nuke Comments on Google+™, a chrome extension to nuke spam comments.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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