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  • Recently my account with my provider was suspended because it is on a shared server and they said my wordpress site was consuming way too much cpu time. I was not happy as I had spent two days working on the site as well as tweaking it to find just what I wanted. Plus they did not email or even call… the site just went bye bye…

    The tech explained I needed to install caching and lessen the amount of plugins I have and in a couple of days we will see… I am the only one literally using the site since it is new ?? So what happens when it becomes really active ?

    Can some one explain to me what is too many plugins?
    How can I know if my site is using too much cpu time ?
    is this a pitfall of word press ?

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  • I’ve seen hosts that do this. It’s normally a good sign of a hosting company that doesn’t care as much as it should.

    However, normally the amount of resources on a normal WordPress installation isn’t much, but it does depend on what plugins are installed. So what do you have installed there?

    Well in fairness to them I was setting up the site and testing various plugins to see what they could do. I was up to 100+ running plugins but had done this on other service providers of a shared environment, and it never was an issue? I eventually weed out what plugins I think are a waste of time or that I do not want and typically end up with 30 or so.

    What I found unfair and totally unprofessional was shutting all of my sites down since the WordPress one is an add-on domain and could have been disabled independently. as well as not sending me email or calling me since they had all my info. I am new to them but have been a web designer, hosting company with top level wmm cpanels etc and have hosted with top names on shared and independent servers. I have never seen this method of handling of a customer.

    I did find this which was interesting

    How Many is Too Many WordPress Plugins?

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